Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween 2007

What a fun time this year! Both kids old enough to keep both Mom and Dad running on Halloween. Claire was bride this year, this was hard on Dad, but the good news is she did not want a groom!! (Hopefully I can keep it that way). Landon was Thomas the Tank Engine, he is all boy! If it doesn't have wheels, or get him dirty he is not interested.

As you can see Landon had no issue getting his hand in the candy jar. He doesn't seem to care much for sweets but had a blast going from house to house. Landon continues to live up to his "Tank" nickname, he is in a size 9 shoe, and is within 10lbs of Claire!!

Claire is still 4 years old, but you can't tell her that. This is my toddler going on teenager quickly. She continues to test her attitude with us, but look at the picture above, how is a Dad suppose to discipline her??? Funny story happened while visiting Nana and Papa, I was upstairs with Papa when Meggan came up from the basement with a look of frustration, she just said "YOUR daughter (notice she is all mine at this point) just said she was going to hit me" I immediately headed to the basement where I was met with the following "Dad, stop, listen to me, let me just tell you how the conversation went, Mommy said I had to waer this outfit, and I said that I didnt want to, then she said I had to, so I told her I was going to hit her, and Dad that is exactly what happened" (for a minute, I thought I was going to lose this one!!) Everything worked out, and in times of frustration stories like this lead you to do nothing but laugh!!