Saturday, November 22, 2008


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

Claire had a program today at school with all her fellow Kindergartner's. They sang songs, recited poems, and told the story of the first Thanksgiving. All the children were either pilgrims, Indians, or turkeys. They were adorable, and seemed to have lots of fun performing. Claire was a pilgrim woman ("Woman, not girl. There were not girls making the Thanksgiving feast, Mommy.") and played the part well. She knew all the lines and songs, but I think was so tired from getting up early that she was a little dazed! She was so excited last night that she woke up really early and it took it out of her! Hopefully we'll get the video posted in the next couple days for all to see bits and pieces of it. (Someday I will learn to do this task, but for now I rely on my hubby)

We are also preparing for our trip to Kansas. Both kiddos are really excited to see everyone and I think relax a little bit! I know Mommy's ready for the food and some relaxation myself! Well, we're off to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party and a fundraiser (all at the same time)!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Our family made the trip to Branson MO Saturday to zoom through a sale at the Polo Outlet and then spend the afternoon and evening at Silver Dollar City. SDC is decked out with millions of lights and does beautiful displays for Christmas. But, if you didn't notice Saturday, it was FREEZING!!! Did this stop us? NO! We bundled up and enjoyed ourselves. Even after the rides were closed because of cold, we still rode the train, took in the new Frosty musical revue for kids and even enjoyed a couple indoor rides (Flooded Mine and Fire in the Hole). The kids had a blast, and mom and dad enjoyed spending time with our family. It was a trip that will not soon be least as long as the rosy cheeks and chapped lips are still visible!

Friday, November 14, 2008

When it's too quiet

The lunch discussion in our house is typically the same day to day, whether it is Landon or Claire. "What would you like to eat for lunch?" "Cheetos." "What do you want with your cheetos?" "Just Cheetos on a plate, Mommy." So adding a fruit, veggie, protein, anything besides our favorite orange carb has become sort of a battle. So the other day when Landon became really quiet and I couldn't find him, the pantry was the first place I looked. Here is how this moment transpired:

I opened the pantry door to find him sitting on the step-stool in the pantry with a bag of Cheetos open.
Mommy: "What are you doing Landon?"
Landon: "You no see me Mommy." (Classic Landon-line)
Mommy: "I see orange fingers and a Cheetos bag."
Landon: "I NEEDED these Mommy, I'm starving!"
Mommy: "How about something healthy with those Cheetos?"
Landon: "Please close the door now Mommy."
Which I did, right after I snapped a picture. Some things are better left behind closed doors!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's not always pretty...

Claire has seemed to have a couple rough weeks lately. Or maybe Mommy has. I'm not sure which way it is, but finally, yesterday, we had a GREAT day. We got through the morning without rushing and getting frustrated. The afternoon went smoothly with homework and dance. And the evening was relaxing with a quick dinner, bath, book and falling asleep. I was so thankful last night when I crawled into bed and realized I didn't have to yell or get mad or count to 10 at all yesterday. This morning, Claire woke up without issue and started eating breakfast. The morning went off without a hitch and as we were waiting for her ride, I commended her for having such a good day yesterday and a good start today. She looked at me with a grin and said "Momma, it's not always pretty, but I get the job done". I have no idea what that had to do with anything, but I thought it was funny that she made that quote!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucy's Here!!! (And Laney, Ling and Hoopy, too!)

Okay, so the kids were so excited about Lucy coming to visit this weekend, that we had to keep reminding them that the whole Hooper family was coming too! The kids had so much fun playing together! Friday evening we just let 'em play: dress up, trains, upstairs, name it, they did it (and of course a ranger ride)! Saturday we made a turkey and then tried to walk the mall, but it was bitterly cold, so we went to Fast Lane instead! We rode go karts, played games and turned in tickets for priceless care bears and candy! Claire and Lucy also won stuffed dolphins. We went to ChickFilA for lunch and then went home to rest and play some more. The evening was spent watching TV and taking a bath all together in the big tub. Sunday morning came too soon; tears were shed as the Hooper's left for home. But good memories remain of watching Laney roll and drool and of Lucy's dress up talents. Thanks for the visit!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being Thankful: By A 2-year-old

Yesterday Landon and I were watching some Noggin together when a snippet came up of Blue's Clues having a Thanksgiving dinner. They were saying what they were thankful for. As it ended, I asked Landon what he was thankful for. Without missing a beat, he responded, "Blankie". After a giggle, I asked what else he might be thankful for..."Milk" (the two things that were in his hands at that moment...and generally are not too far away when they are not in hand). I told him I was thankful for him, Claire and Daddy, thinking he might give me something sweet..."That's good momma", was all I got!

Claire's school is having a canned food drive for the food bank all week. I asked Landon if he was going to help me gather cans one morning this week when I had offered to help. He said he would and then inquired why we were doing it. I explained what a food bank was and how it was used. Landon asked, "Mommy, when we help, will we bring cans too?". I told him yes and then he said "I think we should buy all the cans at Walmart so everyone can have some food!". A humbling response by a toddler when us adults grumble and whine when we have to take the time to donate time or money to the cause of others in need! I am thankful...

Monday, November 3, 2008


I cleaned out a box of miscellaneous things yesterday that had been up in the attic. The kiddos grabbed on to it as quick as it was empty to make a club house/castle (depends who you ask) out of it. They had fun drawing and decorating and then playing inside of it. I don't have a picture of the actual playing with it, because I was the wicked witch/dragon. This was a very serious, very busy job! Also including a cute pic of the kids with Maddie. Maddie is able to jump on the chair from the ottoman now, and therefore she has been required to cuddle...A LOT, with whomever happens to be in the chair at the time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unkie and Staci come to visit

My brother, Fred and his wife, Staci, came to visit us yesterday. They stayed for just the day, but the we all had a great time playing and catching up! The kids pretty much kept them both busy until mid-afternoon, when we took a ride around Bentonville-Rogers. This is the first time they have made it down here to see us, so we thought they needed to see the "culture"! We took a couple Ranger rides, played outside and ate! It was great to see them, and the kids were sad when they left!

Halloween All Day!

Halloween was a busy day around here...but SO much fun! Landon's school had a parade and small party time. The parade was the greatest thing ever...for Landon. He thought he was hot stuff getting to show off his costume to the older kids. Claire's party was later. They also did a costume parade, which was a massive event considering 750 kids plus all the teachers and aides participated! Claire had fun at her party wrapping mummy's and making frames. We came home to rest for a little bit before heading to a neighbor's house for dinner. Then the group of kiddos there went on their very important excursion to get candy. Landon lasted for about 45 minutes, but Claire kept with it for a long time. After going through the loot, we headed into the culdesac across the street for some hot chocolate and play time (work off those sugar highs!) with more neighbors before heading to bed. Both kids understood the point of the holiday and participated this year; which made the parent's job of following them around a bigger treat than candy. Watching those faces light up and giggle as they said "trick or treat" was the best!