Friday, May 22, 2009

My Beautiful Butterfly

My butterfly, the lightening bug song and the girls sing about "being ladylike but tough".

The emotional moments for a Mommy are minute you are sharing laughs while the next you're giving a lecture. Watching them grow is the hardest part, and yesterday I had to watch my baby girl grow into an almost-first-grader, right before my eyes! I think technically they called this KG graduation, although there were no caps or gowns. But there was plenty of pomp and circumstance during their "Bugz" program. The premise was learning to be kind to others and sharing your wealth, whatever that may be. My daughter led the butterflies out on the stage when it was their part. While the children sung of "changes come like the wind" I sat teary-eyed watching my beautiful butterfly flap her wings...just like she was flying into "big kid land". After the program we went to the classroom for sight word awards. Claire received a medal for learning all 300 of the sight words, which she thought was very cool. The teacher made a little speech about how all of her class had spread their wings to embrace one another, to help each other out when things were bad and to just be sweet and kind to everyone they saw. I think she was sincere when she told the parents she was truly going to miss this class; she was a little teary-eyed too!

In other news: Claire's school had a pet parade this morning...over 200 dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, snakes and even a mouse appeared to be paraded around in front of the children. Chaos doesn't even hardly describe!!! Maddie was paraded around with the others; Mommy even bought cute pink bows that she actually kept in the whole time! It was too crazy to get a picture!

Landon and I have been working in the yard the last few days. The sun finally decided to show it's face and we've been seeing alot of it! Landon was busy hauling sand to the "Maddie holes" and watering the plants. He also found it highly amusing to get Mommy wet..."Mommy, (hehehe) I'm watering your bum!!!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun In The Sun Recital

Gram and Poppy brought Landon a was a "hit"!

Claire's recital was Saturday. The culmination of a year of dance lessons and practice...and it went terrific! Gram and Poppy came Friday afternoon and we played outside, relaxed and rolled hair in sponge rollers for the big event. Saturday morning we were up early, not only because we were excited, but because rehearsal started at 9AM sharp! Yes, I was concerned that this very LONG day was going to end in disaster, but thankfully, everything went smoothly. Claire did great at rehearsal and we were home by 12:30. Landon spent the morning with Gram and Poppy at Chuck E Cheese and came home to spend the afternoon playing Wii. Claire rested and then awoke to put on make up and eat before heading out again. Fun In The Sun Recital started a 6 and Claire was beside herself waiting for it to begin! Luckily, her first dance was third in the show, so she didn't have to wait long. She did three dances total this year: a tap, ballet and pom. She smiled and did the dances near perfect! I was a "backstage mom" and stayed in the back and changed the girls and kept them occupied during the recital. I missed being out front to watch, but secretly enjoyed being back in the midst of it all...without responsibility for the show! The Symons' came over afterward for a "party"...they had come to watch too! Claire got bunches of flowers and a sweet charm bracelet from Gram and Poppy. Sunday we played and ate out, told Gram and Poppy good bye, enjoyed a birthday party and then went to bed early!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Go Outside!

No, I'm not quoting the new Coleman ad...that's what we finally got to say yesterday afternoon. After tons of dreary, rainy days, the sun came out to play...and so did we! We played on the swing set, played ball and of course, blew bubbles! The wind was blowing a little, so it made it even easier to enjoy the big bubble maker. Even Maddie got in on the fun! It was almost therapeutic for everyone to finally get to release some energy in the great outdoors!
We are prepping for recital this weekend, thus Claire's curly hair (it was a trial run). And Gram and Poppy coming to visit!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I love being a's my life and my love. My children are so sweet and loving and kind. They mean everything to me! I received some new earrings from the family on Friday. Sunday morning at church the children all sang a special song to their Mommy's and then gave them tulips. Claire had made several cards for me, and a funny book with things about me. Landon told me about 50 times "Happy Mother's Day!". I was just eating it up! Not to mention I pretty much didn't have to do anything yesterday! It was wonderful (I love you too, Daddy!). I am blessed to have two beautiful babies that call me Mommy (or yell Mommy) and a husband who respects the word Mommy. I hope all Mother's had a fabulous day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We woke up to rain again this morning. Actually, it was a pretty good thunderstorm, but wet, nonetheless. We did see the sun for about a day and a half, which was lovely. But the rain is back and now Mommy is searching for new things to chase away the rainy day blahs. Claire had an idea to get out our new craft book (thanks, gram!) and together she and Landon chose to make paper plate bugs..."because we can do it together" says Claire. So, you can see their creations. Now they are fighting again, and I'll have to come up with something else to keep the peace! Hopefully Legos (thanks, nana & papa!) and some performance time for the diva will keep things quiet awhile!

Claire and Landon with their "bugs". Yes, he's only wearing his "big boy underwear". This is generally how he spends his days...just ask anyone who lives in our neighborhood!

Claire and Maddie watching the rain. And Landon wearing Daddy's shoes. He told me he would fit in them "in about 3 years, Mommy". Any bets that he will?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In...

After taking the girls to school in the rain and clouds for the third day in a row, I mentioned to Landon that I missed the sun. Landon says "I think the sun is on vacation, and the clouds have taken over." Certainly feels like it around here!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Claire's KG teacher asked me to send her a picture of Claire in her wedding attire. She just emailed me to tell me this conversation:
Mrs. Machan: "Claire you look so pretty. It makes me think forward 20 years to when you will be a bride."
Claire: "Well, you can be a bridesmaid."
She's already planning!

Wedding Dance Pictures

Gram & Landon, Poppy & Claire, Unkie & Claire...cuttin' a rug!

Daddy does the dip, Jr. Bride and Claire, Poppy gets a kiss.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Event of the Season

This weekend we hauled up to Kansas so that Claire could be a flower girl in a friend of our family's wedding. She was super excited, albeit a little nervous. But she did terrific! We went to Gram and Poppy's first. Gram and I were also in the wedding, as lectors. So we hung out there until Friday evening when the three of us went to the rehearsal. Claire had no problems making friends with everyone (surprise, surprise) and was as prepared for her walk down the aisle as the adults. We went to a dinner afterwards and arrived back at Gram and Poppy's late. There was another first for Claire this weekend: sponge rollers. I've discovered through several bouts of recital pictures that Claire's hair is getting worse about holding curl, and we wanted it curly for the wedding. So sponge rollers went in before she could sleep, much to the princess's dismay. But they turned out perfect, as did her hair Saturday morning, I must say! She looked darling. We got to the church in time to get dressed and then watch the bride get dressed also before taking a few pictures. Then the moment finally came...I was so nervous I was sweating. Not about reading, but about Claire making it down the aisle. She did so with ease, and the wedding and dance went off without a hitch. Geoff joined us at the wedding and we stayed at Nana and Papa's that evening. We woke up Sunday morning, had some play time with our cousins, and then headed home to relax and go to bed early. It was a good time, not only the flower girl part, but getting to see family too!
Landon wasn't left out of the fun...Friday evening was a "boys night". He hung out with Poppy and Unkie and went fishing and played Wii. Landon attended the wedding too, but had the most fun at the dance that evening. I'll get pictures on tomorrow of that crazy fun!