Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to reality

Well, we are back on our crazy schedule again. It's been hard getting the kids out of bed at 6am, but slowly and surely it's getting easier. Landon had his first basketball practice Monday evening. His team is the Cobras. He's excited to start something new and he plays right in Centerton so the practices and games will be very close to home. Games start in two weeks. Dance is in full swing now with competitions looming in the very near future. Claire will compete her duet at the end of January and then all 6 of her dances at four other competitions over the next couple months. She is ready to get started and is anxious to perform her new numbers. The kids received their second quarter grade cards this week and they both did awesome!!! Claire earned all A's and received an honor roll award at a ceremony Wednesday. Landon earned all 3's (mastery) with the exception of a 2 on solving word problems in math. His teacher said he's so excited to work the math problem he sometimes doesn't read the whole question before working it! I am so proud of them and how hard they both work to keep their grades high. And the fact that they both take pride in their work makes me even happier!

I will blog pics from Christmas just as soon as I get them on the computer. My SIL introduced me to the Blogger app so I'm writing this one on my phone from where else? But dance!!!