Monday, April 18, 2011

Gymnastics Fun Meet

The gym where Landon learns gymnastics holds a "fun meet" every year. This is a chance for the kids who are not old enough or choose not to participate in the competitive teams to show off their skills. Each class rotates through the events and performs their tricks. Landon enjoyed hamming it up for the camera, and the audience! He was quite the entertainer, but also made his parents proud for how much he has learned since last year. Several months ago he moved into the next level class, and has been enjoying the challenge it presents.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Recap

Although it feels like we've been nonstop since Claire's birthday, there has not been any onesignificant event that I've felt the need to blog. So here is a quick recap of what's been happening with the Daniel Family:

1) We spent the end of spring break in KS, looking for houses. What an exhausting, and mentally stressful way to spend what should be a fun week off. We still had fun spending time with family and old friends. Makes the move back to KS a little more real...

2) I spent a Saturday with Claire and her friend, Blair, getting "feather extensions" in our hair. Yes, our hair includes me. I'm such a cool mom...heehee! We also had lunch and spent some time outside.

3) Landon officially started teeball. He was really pumped for this season. His team is fun and the coaches are laid back but good instructors. He played his first game last week and did quite well. I'll blog more about this as the season goes...and he gets better!

4) Both kiddos have had playdates galore! I guess since we are moving, I just don't have the heart to tell them 'no' when they ask to play with someone. If we aren't dancing, teeballing or tumbling, we are playing! So much fun!!!