Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Since Sara officially has a license now, she took the kids for a ride.
Making snow angels.
Landon, Sara's friend, Sara and Claire
Claire all bundled up.
Landon making monster-sized snowballs.
Geoff's newest adventure...pull water towables behind the Ranger.

Please humor me and let me give some background information first. It has been exactly a year to the week of the crippling ice storm of '09 in NWA. People were out of power for days, some more than a week, businesses and schools were closed for that same week and the ice along with the bitter coldness and wind was devastating to the beautiful landscapes. So you can imagine the scare, wait, maybe panic is a better word, when the weather forecast started to include a winter storm with ice for this week. When I went to Walmart Wednesday, two days before the storm was scheduled to hit, there was no bread on the bottled ice melt...the list could continue. Rumors of special disaster trucks arriving at all the Walmart's in the area became reality as people prepared to hunker down for the storm. Said storm came in with a vengence Thursday night, causing school to be cancelled (surprise!!!) and lots of businesses to shut down as well. Conditions only got worse during the day as the snow just kept coming. We think at least 6 inches fell here. On top of a layer of ice, which makes being out and about pretty treacherous. Anyway, as happens in this house, we made the best of it! I was already scheduled to host a neighborhood playdate, which had a nice turnout and was lots of fun! Then the Symons' came over and we spent the rest of the day and evening playing in the snow, driving around in the Ranger, shoveling and eating. We all had so much fun, we are going to repeat again today!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's What You Get, Mom

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up just knowing the day is going to be a bad one? Every once in a while, I do. Don't get me wrong...I try REALLY hard to break that bad karma and throw it away. I even do a little mental imaging before I get out of the bed about what the day should look like. This morning I couldn't do that: I had a 4-year-old's feet pushing hard against my back. It was almost as if he was pushing me out of the bed to face the "terrible" that was coming. Claire was whiny and cranky this morning, and then couldn't find her shoes I had told her to put away several days ago. Landon got up and was congested and still tired, two things that don't mix well for anybody! Daddy rescued me several times before I could blow my top...all before 7:30am! After Claire and Daddy left, Landon took me by the hand and said "Here's what you get, Mom..." and gave me a huge bear hug and a kiss. Just what I needed to turn this day around!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Terrific Kid

As if I needed someone to tell me...Claire is a terrific kid! The local Kiwanis Club has the teachers in the school pick a child from each grade to be a terrific kid each month. Claire was one last year, and now again this year! The kids are honored with a certificate, a special lunch and an announcement to the school. We are very proud of her achievements, but also of her kind heart and sweet nature. She is definitely a Terrific Kid, now and every month!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ordained and Installed

At first glance this may sound like some sort of computer update or appliance installation. However, in this instance I am talking about my husband. Today he was ordained and installed as an elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Rogers. In this position, he will help lead and guide the people and direction of our church and church family. It is an honor to be nominated and elected to this standing, and goes to show that the teasing nickname of "the mayor" is not too far off base! I am very proud of you honey, and the dedication and promise you show in this area of your life is an inspiration to me and your children. God bless!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakin' It In...

Geoff and I were among nearly 10,000 people who were able to "break in" the Intrust Bank Arena Saturday night at the Brad Paisley concert. Geoff's sister had the great idea of buying tickets for Nana and Papa for Christmas from the kids, and then getting each other tickets so we could all go together! The idea went over wonderfully, and we all had a terrific time! We hauled up to Wichita Friday night, and played most of the day Saturday, until we dropped off the kiddos with the babysitter and headed out for dinner and the concert. Kevin's sister dropped us off at the arena, which was nice since it was freezing cold and we didn't have to worry about parking! We enjoyed a little self-guided tour of the new building before the concert began. Justin Moore opened the show, followed up by Miranda Lambert. But Brad Paisley was the big attraction, and it was obvious why! The production was screens and lots of movement by him and the band. And the man can play a guitar like no one I've seen live! It was an incredible show and a memorable night!

Friday, January 8, 2010

We've Been Off All Week

Note the blog that point it was only two days of school that had been cancelled. We were all doing okay. Today is Friday and neither child has had school ALL WEEK. This would have been a good old time in our house, generally, if we hadn't just come off of Christmas break! It was still fun, don't get me wrong...we all went to Chickfila (it's usually just Landon and I), we saw The Squeakquel movie (Chipmunks), we did LOTS of playing with neighbors and in the snow. But there is only so much of that you can do. We are going to Wichita this weekend for the Brad Paisley concert and I am hoping to come back to normalcy. I'm not the only one; here are a few quips from the kids this week:
Claire: "I miss my friends, do you think they miss me?"
Landon: "I don't like you think Miss Tina remembers how to teach?"
Claire: "I bet Mrs. Scott is bored out of her mind. We keep her busy you know!"
Landon: "I was supposed to bring snack (Wednesday). Do you think everyone is hungry now?"
And my favorite:
Claire speaking to Landon: "I want to go back to school. Don't you?"
Landon: "No way, I like staying home and playing."
Claire: "But don't you miss your friends and Miss Tina? I miss mine!"
Landon: "Not really...I'm having too much fun. Plus Mommy's here."
Claire: "Yeah, but Mommy's not your friend, she's the boss."
Landon: "She's not the boss, she's the mayor of our house...that's why I love her!"

Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Snow Day of the Year

And another to come tomorrow. What is it with this area and snow? School cancelled today and tomorrow for what was barely 4 inches of snow. Now, I will give them that it did melt just enough to make roads as slick as a skating rink. But everyone was out and about today and will be again tomorrow...why not just brave it and go to school? I should not be as insensitive...the back roads are a mess, or so I've been told, and after living in the country most of my life I should understand that. But when the road crews don't treat the roads, and can't figure out how to plow them, it makes it hard to have sympathy. So, despite my whining, we played with the neighbors today, both inside and out, and had a good time. But what to do to tomorrow????

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The First Snow of the Year

January holds lots of firsts of the year, and today it was snow. We woke up to nearly 4 inches of the white stuff and immediately all the kids (including Daddy), were ready to go play in it! A friend came over with his snowblower and kids to help out with snow removal and ended up staying for sledding behind the Ranger. The neighbors joined in the fun too before all was said and done. School has already been cancelled for tomorrow...the excitement of that minimized by the long break that has already lapsed. But at least the snow will stick around and we will be able to play in it tomorrow as well; it is freezing outside!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Blog of the Year

For this new year I pray for a healthy family, for hope when something goes wrong, and the strength to muddle through it all with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Goodbye to 2009, because even though you brought me wonderful memories of family, friends and travels, you also gave me the worst heartache I've ever encountered. 2010 will be GREAT, no matter what it throws at us! I hope it is great for you all too, and wishing you happiness throughout!