Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parties

Painting pumpkins with much thought. Each kid picked out pumpkins to paint with their own spooky designs.
Making a masterpiece. Which included a bloody skeleton and a witch on a broom.
Claire at her costume parade.
Landon at his costume's not the best picture but he is giggling away at his teacher, who is in front of him. I just think it's cute!

Claire and Landon both had Halloween parties at their schools this week. Landon's was Thursday and started with a costume parade through the school. Then they decorated treat bags, had pizza for lunch and played some games. Although the teacher offered for any parents who wished to come and play during the party, I think all the boys in the class had made a pact to tell their Mommy's they were NOT allowed! Landon told me to come back when it was over...

Claire's party was Friday. They started with pizza for lunch and some crafts. Then her whole school (all 850 of them) paraded around in their costumes. This was followed by games and treats. I actually got to help with this one, and had fun watching the kids get all sugared-up!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nana & Papa Come to Visit

Orange goo from the pumpkin.
Showing off the inside of the pumpkin.

Friday afternoon brought big excitement as Nana & Papa came to Bentonville. Mommy and Daddy had a birthday party to attend Friday evening, so just the four of them got some "quality" time. Saturday we woke to rain, so decided to stay in and play board games and Wii. Saturday evening Scott and Beth came over for dinner and visiting. Sunday morning, Papa helped the kids carve their pumpkins before heading home. We all had so much fun! Thanks to Nana and Papa for the free babysitting services Friday, and yummy dinner Saturday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fest

Sunday afternoon was our church Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch. There was a chili cookoff, trunk or treat, hayrack ride and of course, the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch is new this year, with all proceeds going to the mission work being done in Haiti. It is open to the public until Halloween, but the church members got first take on the pumpkins. What a wonderful time for a wonderful cause! The kids had a blast and we are officially loaded up on Halloween candy...and it's not even Halloween yet!!!

Sunday was also Geoff's birthday. We didn't do anything too crazy, mostly because we spent the majority of the day at church! The Symons' had our family over for dinner to celebrate with ribs and cupcakes. Talk about the perfect ending to a great fall day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ozark Corn Maze

Getting lost in the corn.
Riding the cow train.
Daddy and the kids.
I have NO idea where we are!
Shooting the cannon.

Our family enjoyed a romp on the farm at the Ozark Corn Maze. We meandered through a Razorback corn maze, with Daddy leading the way. The kids also shot corn cobs from a corn cannon and rode a "cow train" around the maze. It was a fun outing on a warm fall morning!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dance Class Observation

Claire is a dancer...she says so all the time! Regardless, it's still fun to watch her come into her own while learning to dance. It was parent observation week at dance, and so we were able to watch from within the classroom. A wonderful experience for kids and parents alike! I love watching her dance!

It's a man's world...

Landon decided to be a big helper this weekend for Daddy. He was perfectly sweet while helping too. I'm not sure if it was empathy for Daddy's knee or if he just understood that a man's work is, well, a man's work! He told me as he went out to mow with Daddy: "I'm just doin' what I gotta do, Momma!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ode to October

To the month of falling leaves and child-like spooks,
I beseech thee,
to be exciting, yet calm...
intriguing, yet stress-free...
enjoyable, yet restful.

I'm only asking for cool, not cold temperatures...
So we can enjoy a pumpkin patch, or a romp through nature.

I'm only asking for occasional scheduled events...
So we can enjoy spontaneous get-togethers with whomever may want one.

I'm only asking for the beautiful pleasure and perfection of fall...
So we can enjoy it wholeheartedly and remember how lucky and blessed we truly are.