Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love You, Mom...

"I love you mom. More than the moon and stars, more than Jack and Jill and more than milk."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

Yes, it makes me wanna sing...the sun is out!!!! The temperature is 55!!! I'm excited because I can not remember the last time it was this beautiful out! The kids are playing, and happy, and everyone's spirit is lifted. Counting my blessings for this beautiful day and the hope it brings of spring! Some funnies to help lift your spirit~
Landon: "Coach Scott (gymnastics teacher) told me this is my ankle (pointing to his ankle). But this is my heel, and it's attached to my toes and my knee! Wait...I guess that is my ankle and it's attached to my leg. I wouldn't be able to walk with just a heel, toes and a knee, would I Mom? That's why I rethinked that!" (Exact words)
Claire: "I'm gonna dance in my room Mom. I have my ipod ready and my shoes ready...all I need is an audience. But wait, I'll just use the mirror to watch, you can come in later."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talent On Parade

Ready for awards! A little scary, maybe? This was the end of the day! ATD stands for All That Dance...her studio.
Cute as a bug!
Ready to take a bath!
Two winners!
Ready to be the kids of the future!
The night before prep!

Our Valentine's Day was overshadowed this year. The kids both had parties at their schools. Mommy got to help with Landon's, it was cute watching the kiddos deliver their valentines to each classmate's box. Mommy didn't help as much with Claire's...we weren't even sure we'd still be here for the party. The reason? Talent On Parade dance competition in Tulsa. This is why Valentine's Day was not top priority this year! Luckily, Claire was able to enjoy her party, but her and I and Landon left immediately after for Tulsa. Gram and Poppy met us there in preparation for Saturday.

Geoff headed to Wichita to get on a plane to go to the Daytona 500. A wonderful opportunity that couldn't be passed up. Only a blizzard had other ideas! Disappointing for him...he was VERY excited! He ended up spending the weekend with his family and watching the race with the people he was supposed to go their with.

Claire performed her duet "Kids of the Future" at 8:00am Saturday morning. They did wonderful! This is the first time either girl had competed, but you wouldn't have known it by watching! A competition is MUCH different than recital, and although the girls were nervous, they nailed their routine. They were 3rd overall in the 6 and under duet/trio division! Her other two numbers were later that day. The production number, called "Bathtime" included all the kids in the competitive company, and some of their siblings! 74 dancers in all were on that stage, and that dance got 2nd overall in the Production division! Claire's age group did a dance called "Bugz". This number is absolutely darling, and all the girls had so much fun performing it! They received a special "Creepy Crawly" award from the judges (a special award made just for them!), and 4th overall in the Jr. Age Line division. Claire was more than satisfied with the outcome, although I think if they hadn't won anything she still would have been happy. Also, she didn't complain (well, maybe just a little bit!) when we got up at 5:30am and didn't get to bed until midnight! This is why I told Daddy to watch out...this may become a lifestyle for her!!!! She loves it!!!! We have a weekend off, and then head to Branson at the end of February for another competition. Claire is already counting down the days!

What did Landon, Gram and Poppy do all weekend? Well, they watched Claire first thing Saturday. Then they headed off to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum to play the afternoon away. They had fun sitting in the cockpit of fighter planes, using a flight simulator, and playing on some cool outdoor equipment shaped like a space shuttle. Because of the time between dances, they came and watched another Claire-dance, and then went back to the hotel to swim in the indoor pool before returning for Claire's last dance and awards. This morning, Gram swam with Claire in the pool before departing. I think these three stayed just as busy as Mommy and Claire!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Quiet Time

It doesn't happen often in this house...quiet. In fact, if it does happen while the children are home and awake, it often means something disasterous is going on. But even after they go to sleep, the TV's on, or the dishwasher is running, or, well the list goes on. Geoff is working late tonight, and the kids are asleep. There is not a sound in this house, except for the clicking of the keyboard. Several memories come to mind as I sit here. 1) Those nights in college when you finally had to turn the TV off to study at 2AM. 2) Sitting in the glider with a newborn baby right after the 2AM feeding. 3) Sitting outside in St. Lucia after the sun went down. Completely different memories, each with it's own smile-inducing thoughts. In this world when everything is loud, whether natural or man-made, it's so peaceful to sit and think about these memories in the quiet. But now, after my walk down memory lane, I'm going to go check on my babies, give them a kiss on the cheek and then probably turn the news on to see what loud thing people are saying or doing! There is only so much quiet reflection one person can take...especially when you're not used to it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? I certainly do...Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, the list goes on and on. One of Geoff's memories is Voltron. Geoff (or should I say his parents) kept the Voltron action figure...which is several pieces that connect into one large figure...from his childhood. Landon now gets to "play" with it (I put that in quotes because he's not supposed to do much else but hold it and look at it. It is antique, you know!!!!). I found the original cartoon series on Netflix and we got one today. These are pictures of my little man enthralled by the new show. He was so cute sitting on the couch, holding his Voltron and watching how it actually "changes" on TV. He told me, "this show is kinda like Transformers, but not as scary". Well, then, have at it kiddo! If it was from the 80's, it's all good!

And So It Begins

The reaction she gave when I told her she "shook it up" while on stage!
One of the practices when they actually used a stage instead of the studio. This costume is their production number called "Bathtime". Notice the bathtubs in the back!

Claire is on the competitive dance company this year at her studio. This was very exciting for both of us, and we were looking forward to the competitions and dancing. Since Christmas, practices have been every weekend, and at least one extra day a week besides class night in preparation for competition. We head to Tulsa next Friday, to dance all day Saturday. Claire's duet will debut as the first dance of the day, and then the production number and her group number will be later. Claire is giddy with excitement; she is loving the costumes and makeup prep, and even enjoying all the extra practice. Only time will tell if dancing is something we do every year, but as of right now, I am relishing each smile, every hip-shake and the immense pride I feel as she's walking on and off stage. That's my baby girl doin' her thang!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How come...?

How come the roads aren't cleaner? How come Sissy dances all the time? How come Gram lives outside (I think this means the country) and we live in the city? How come Maddie's fur gets so stinky? How come Jesus isn't alive anymore? How come your iphone doesn't have cool games like Daddy's? How come teeball hasn't started yet? How come Dawson was in the hospital? How come Michela cries every time she doesn't get her way? How come the firefighter said we can only dial 911 in an emergency? How come the seat belt doesn't go over my legs too? How come fish sticks don't look like fish? How come chips are called chips? How come you sound "fustrated" when I asked that question, Mom?

(This only on the ride home from school and while we ate lunch together. Bet you can't guess what we ate!)