Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday and Baptism

We made a quick trip to KS last weekend to celebrate Thurston's 1st birthday and Laney's baptism. The kids had fun playing with their cousins, and it was special for all of us to observe two very important events in the lives of two important kiddos! Our lives have been so busy with snow and dance, that having even a short trip to hang out with our family was needed! Thanks to all who hosted us and kept us fed! A couple pics of the weekend are in the post below.

Random Photos

That is Maddie-dog's head you can barely see. Thought that was a good measure of just how much snow we received two weeks ago.
Landon lost his boot in the snow drift!
Having some snow ice cream!
Balloon crown at Thurston's party.
Claire and Thurston.

Valentine's day dinner with the family. The kids decorated the table.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Talent on Parade

My pouty princess, getting her "better than you" attitude ready for the least I hope that's what this was!
All the orphans with Miss Hannigan! These kiddos all danced together last year, but were put into different groups this year. It was nice to have some of them back together again for this dance.

So, Geoff and Landon got snowed in Wednesday by 22 inches of snow! They were unable to take their plane ride to Wichita last week. I don't know who was more excited about the plane ride: Landon or me! But the disappointment was quickly squelched by the snow play and "boy time" with Daddy. Claire and I made our way to Tulsa for dance competition Friday afternoon. The roads were messy until Oklahoma, but we made it safe and sound.

What a weekend! First, it was fun to have some time alone with my girly. Although I am constantly wheeling her around, we don't get to have much time together alone. Friday night we watched some dancing, had dinner together and stayed in the hotel, just her and me. We ordered room service the next morning, which I think was more exciting to Claire than the actual dancing she did later in the day! She danced all five dances Saturday, and did amazing! Her small group company dance, Wicked World, placed 4th overall Age 7-8 Small Group, the Orphan Annie group placed 2nd overall Age 9-12 Small Group, the combined company lyrical placed 1st Overall Age 7-8 Large Group, Feeling Gorgeous (30 hand-picked girls) placed 1st Overall Sr. Line and the Production with all 80 kids placed 1st Overall Production. The lyrical dance is to the song "That's What Friends Are For" and is two company groups combined. They are all good friends and it showed on stage, because the judges gave them a special award called "Forever Friends". The entire company also won the "Sportsmanship Award". This was voted on by all the studios competing. The director of the competition made a big deal about this and made us feel good about being nice, when so many are not in this situation!

Sunday, we watched more dancing and had lunch with friends before heading home. Landon and Daddy met us at the door with new haircuts, and fun stories about playing with new Legos and going out to eat with their buddies. So much fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

Landon enjoying the snow...finally!
Claire posing in the was warm enough Saturday and Sunday to enjoy it!

Alright, so Monday dawned to school and errands. I am SO glad to have a little normalcy resume to our lives, at least for a few days. The weather people are forecasting another 4 - 10 inches of snow by the end of the day Wednesday. So stocking up on food and snacks was first priority. Although the maid roads are clear, the side streets, including our neighborhood, are still covered in ice and snow. But there is lots happening at the end of this week that snow was only briefly on my mind. First, Landon is leaving with Geoff for Wichita mid-week (if they don't get snowed in). Second, Claire has her first dance competition in Tulsa this weekend. Packing and prepping will be happening all week, but what fun it will be! I'm very excited for both trips and can't wait to blog about them on the flip side!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


The snow drifted up over our plants in the landscaping.
The view from our front door. There is a road out there somewhere. Oh yeah, it snowed Tuesday but I took this pic on Friday evening!
Artists at work on Tuesday during the blizzard.

Snowpocolypse! This is the word Southerners use for more than 6 inches of snow...that won't go away! It started Monday night, and all day Tuesday. It was a blizzard: The snow was coming down sideways along with some sleet, and it was bitterly cold. Negative digits wind chill. The snow ended Tuesday but it stayed cold the next two days. So cold, in fact, that my children had no desire to go out and play in the snow. Friday morning woke to more snow. The forecast started as a dusting, but we ended up with 3 more inches of this white stuff that won't go away. It was warmer Friday...we hit 27 degrees...but still the snow stuck! We are to have sun and 32 degrees today, but 24 hours from now more ice and snow is forecasted to move in. Then more heavy snow Wednesday!!!! HELP!!!!! Let me tell you why I NEED HELP!!!!

1) We have been out of school since Tuesday. We have great neighborhood friends that have kept us busy, but even that is getting boring!
2) The roads are terrible and we can't get out easily. This is only understood by people who live here and not by the rest of you all who have plows and salt trucks to clear your roads and get your lives back to normal!
3) The threat of more winter weather before the roads can melt means more missed school! Like I said, we've had some fun. But Bentonville does not have snow days in their schedule. So as of right now we are going to school the first two weeks of June. We may go all of June if it keeps snowing!
4) I have to go to Walmart and the shelves are bare! Everything has shut down here, including the Walmart Distribution Center. Which means even though I need some groceries, there's a good possibility there will be none when I get there. And since Walmart is the only place to get groceries around here...well, you see my predicament!

OK, I've said my peace. Meanwhile, Claire had a friend stay over last night and they had blast. So did this Momma! Landon stayed up late and cuddled with me in my bed. Maybe some snow play today since the weather is going to be warmer. And praying for no more snow so our lives can resume!