Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Pictures

Our good friend took some pics of our family...we were way overdue!

Pics tell the story...part 2

Landon as Captain Gree the StormTrooper and Claire as Alice...for Halloween.
Claire in the mini Ranger.
Landon going WAY TOO FAST in the mini Ranger!
Claire's tap group "Bop til ya Drop"
Claire and Landon at the T-Rex Cafe in KC. We ate here the night before Claire's dance competition. This place had neat dinosaur animatronics!

Landon with his baseball player pumpkin. He won 2nd place in the decorating contest at school!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pictures Can Tell A Story

Landon at the pumpkin patch
Claire at the pumpkin patch. We went with Gram, Poppy and Thurston on an inservice day (no school). The kids all had fun doing a zip line, sliding, watching some punkin chunkin, and being outside!

We spent our other inservice day at the zoo with the cousins!

Well...I tried...

Ok, so my last, very ambitious blog didn't help me any. Oh, I thought about it, but just never found the time to prioritize it. So here are a few headlines with pics to follow:

* Landon finished with his first season of flag football. He is hooked and needless to say, our family will be watching him play this sport for a long while.

* Claire had her first dance competition with her new studio. It went remarkably well, and both of her dances did excellent; receiving golds and the extraordinary smile award. The studio also won the backstage sportsmanship award. I think this says a lot about those girls and their teachers.

* Landon started basketball, and has since quit. I'm not one of those parents who takes quitting lightly, and therefore put him (and me) through quite a bit of torture before finally making this decision. He said he'll try again next year, after some practice at home.

* We trick or treated with the cousins, Lucy and Laney, this year. The kids had a blast together, but tired out quick. This was fine for the adults!

* Our family spent a day at my parents house riding the new "mini ranger". We also enjoyed a visit from Doris, Helen, Crazy Tommy and Phyllis (Geoff's relatives from VA).

So with this posted I will move on to pics...and will have more stories to tell as those go up!