Monday, September 27, 2010

Shining Star

Landon's Pre-K class has been going well! He is really enjoying it! Last week Landon was the "shining star". This award goes to the student who is most helpful and kind over several days. The reward for this honor is a turn with a Webkinz turtle named Thomas. Landon spent several hours over a period of two days playing with Thomas on the computer. He was so proud of himself...thus the goofy grin in the picture! Mommy is proud of him too. He really is a sweet, kind and helpful little man!

Miss BHS pageant

Claire was a Future Miss in the Miss Bentonville High School scholarship pageant this year. She did it last year, so when a senior asked her again, Claire was prepped and ready! Miss Kelli from dance participated in it this year and did a wonderful job! Claire did a wonderful job also...and enjoyed every minute of it! It was ridiculously humid that weekend so we didn't curl hair, but she still looked darn cute!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Some things test your patience. Some things stand the test of time. Take a spelling test. Test the water temp, test the mic, test your skills, test your faith... In the duration of a day, one is tested over and over. When tested, some people stay calm. Others tend to the "crazy" side. As for me, it depends on the situation. I'm stating this fact only as an observation I've had during the last week. Geoff had knee surgery again. And although all precautions were taken to have this situation not end like the last...I'm still tested. Geoff went to the ER today to be checked for a blood clot. The result was negative, thank GOD!!!! But in that hour before the results were known my mental state was tested. From fear, to anger, to relief...I can't iterate how helpless I felt. All is well, the patient is asleep and the kids are playing happily. And now that I'm done reflecting, I shall be happy too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early Mornings

We are getting up early in the mornings for school. This has been a difficult transition for Claire. Each morning I hear things like: "Why can't I just be late...or...School owes me for these early mornings". This morning was much the same, and when I asked Claire what she wanted for breakfast (while still laying in bed) she answered "Sleep, I just want sleep!"

Landon was in on it this morning also. He was up a little earlier than usual, and decided to watch cartoons while I finished getting Claire ready for school. But after a minute, he padded in to Claire's room and laid down on the bed with a frustrated look on his face. I asked what was wrong and he responded "It's so early there's not even any good cartoons on yet!"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

End-of-summer Campout

Even though we've done a ton of fun things this summer, we have not gone camping. The kiddos love camping, sleeping outside, playing in the tent, and roasting marshmallows. But Mommy is not fond of public potty holes and Daddy doesn't like to drag all the gear to a camp ground. So...we compromised last night and had a campout in our own backyard! Daddy set up the tent, we grilled burgers and made smores, and hung outside all evening. After dark, we curled up in the tent with some good books and read by lantern light until everyone was sleepy. Although it was warm and humid, everyone seemed to be sleeping well...until Daddy noticed the wind had gotten very still. After checking the weather, we hauled the kids into their own beds and broke camp. We crawled into our bed just as a storm blew in...lucky Daddy checked the weather! Another good reason to camp in your backyard!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Landon's 1st Day of Pre-K

With the backpack before school. I'm not sure what's with the goofy grin! He's so darn cute!

Landon started Pre-K this week.

If I could leave this blog at that sentence I'd be better than having to write out how that first day went. Not because he was a mess, or cried or didn't want to stay...but because he was SO good, did NOT cry and obviously wanted to stay! So, who was the mess, cried and didn't want to leave? ME! My baby boy was so grown up walking in the classroom, saying good morning to the teacher and playing with his new friends. I barely got a "Bye, Mom" before he was lost in the crowd.

Now, I get it. I complained last year about him crying before we even left the house to go to school; the constant hugging and holding while I tried to leave the classroom. It was frustrating and sad for this Mommy. But a little hug or kiss would be nice!!!! He is going three days a week, even though the program is five days. I just can't let him go...he'll be gone everyday soon enough! But the teacher and program are superb, and I really wanted Landon to have that this year. So he get's a part-time Pre-K status, which is just fine with both of us!

When I picked him up he was nonstop talking about the things they learned, books they read, toys they played with, etc. He loved it. Plain and simple. He returned today in the same fashion. I miss him... I can't believe he's getting so big... I want to play Legos... I'm gonna go cry now...