Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Haircuts galore!

So, my day started off normal...but as you can see, it ended rather drastically! I took the kids to school, got my hair done. Met Geoff at the hairdressers this PM to get Landon and Daddy's hair cut (Landon's is much shorter also, and looks just as cute!). Suddenly, Claire has decided it's her turn. Now, before anyone thinks this amount of change was just off the cuff, I had just made an appointment this morning to get Claire's hair cut at the end of May. She herself, even after lots of professional Mommy persuasion in the opposite direction, decided she wanted her hair "short, short" in her words, and then wanted to give her "leftovers" to Locks of Love. Tonight was the night she went for it! She looks absolutely darling, and a little bit like her mother if you've seen me lately. That was apparently her original idea....

But through Mommy tears, I realized what my daughter really was doing. Locks of Love is a charity organization that takes donated hair and makes wigs for disadvantaged children who require them because of medical conditions. The condition most often causing hair loss for these children is alapecia areata, which is loss of hair with no known cause or cure. My grandma had that...and lost huge clumps of hair all over her head. I can remember my mom trying to fix it and cover the spots with what was left, and then finally resorting to wigs at its worst. This was what I was thinking about while my baby cut her beautiful healthy hair. That someone who could appreciate it would be able to use it. I say that because Claire no longer liked that hair, it was in the way all the time. My baby was so proud of what she was doing, she told everybody she saw this evening. She even seemed a little emotional while we talked about mailing it in to Locks of Love, telling me "I hope some pretty little girl gets this hair and has a big wig to show off". I am blessed, as are we all, to have such sweet babies in this world. I am so proud.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Touch a Truck!!!

We've had a busy couple of days. From the neighborhood garage sale, to buying some yard supplies at Lowes, the kids, and Mommy and Daddy have been nonstop. Saturday, after Claire attended a birthday party (yes another one!), the whole family went to a charity event called Touch a Truck. There were all sorts of big equipment; from dump trucks to a helicopter, all available for kiddos to sit in, check out and, best of all, blow the horns! Landon was so excited to attend this event he could hardly contain himself, until we were actually there and he was freaked out by all the loud noise. Once accustomed however, he was all over the place! Claire enjoyed the trucks also, proving she is not as much of a diva as she portrays! Pictures include the helicopter, fire truck, coast guard boat, dump truck and what I hope I never again see my children in: a police car! Geoff also decided to mow the lawn that afternoon. He had a big helper, who stayed away from the actual lawn mower, but was never more than a couple steps in front or behind his Daddy.
We went to church this morning and ran by Lowes before heading home. I mention this only because we couldn't pull Claire away from the flowers and Landon from the water fountains. Landon kept saying "but, but, but, but...what if someone buys them, but, but, but, but...what if they run out water, but, but, but, but...". It was a long walk to the truck.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new one liner...

Landon is becoming famous for one liners. From the early "shake 'n bake, yeah baby" to the newly acquired "it's a deal". Daddy and Landon were having some wrestle time before bed the other night, and Mommy was in the shower. Landon started to get off the bed and told Geoff "I'm going to go check on Mommy, and then I'll come in here and cuddle with you. Is it a deal Daddy?". Geoff giggled while he told me the story. And Mommy's heard this one liner several times since then.
Speaking of stories, I put Claire to bed last night during a thunderstorm. I could tell she was a little nervous, because she kept talking even though she was exhausted (sounds a bit like her mommy). Anyway, she starts telling me about what would happen if you didn't eat healthy food: "If a person only ate french fries all the time and not vegatables, they wouldn't be able to leave the table because their fat belly would lay on the table and break it". Lots of tired giggles followed this story, and I could tell she was visualizing what she just spoke.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts and stories...and pictures to go with them!
Claire had school pictures last week. She looked beautiful, but as soon as she got home from school she took her "ruby slippers" off and with a sigh said "My feet are KILLING me!". Claire had a friend from school over after school last week also. We all went to Chuck E Cheese, the apex of children entertainment. Claire and her friend Cydney ran around in circles between all the games for a straight 30 minutes. They did finally stop for a little nourishment and then continued until Landon couldn't take it anymore. When Gram and Poppy were here over the weekend, Geoff washed their car. He had quite the helpers: Jack and Nate from across the street and Landon were having fun scrubbing and spraying. They had even more fun getting wet and splashing the sponge down on the ground. It was funnier to listen to the three of them laughing hysterically than it was watching their antics. Landon and I played outside today after dropping Claire off at school. He got frustrated with being unable to peddle this car and decided to become a helmet model instead. He sat here for about 5 minutes until the neighbors came out and he ran and hid (a bit embarrassed to be seen modeling as opposed to doing manly things). Speaking of helmets, Landon would not take his helmet off this morning until it was time to eat lunch. Even the pest control guy commented on how "trendy" he looked! Apparently, Landon also dreams about having his helmet on, because the other night he kept talking in his sleep "I no take off the helmet, I keep it on".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

All Aboard

Gram and Poppy came to visit on Friday and stayed for the weekend. They were coming to help me out a little while Geoff was in China, but luckily Geoff ended up coming home this weekend also, so we all got to take a trip to ride the train! Gram and Poppy had already planned this activity for the kids, but it became a family affair, and everyone loved it! We drove to Eureka Springs, and rode the locomotive into the "woods", watched the engine run over our spare change and flatten it into very thin pancakes and then rode back to the station. We got to listen to the whistle, see the engine attach to the commuter car and even had a conductor who told us about the train while we rode. It was a great time and the perfect day for riding. We finished off with some lunch and ice cream before heading back to our neck of the woods.
Claire also attended two birthday parties this weekend...she is quite the social butterfly! Landon stayed busy with Gram, Poppy and Daddy while we were partying. Overall, it was a great, and very busy weekend; one we will not soon forget!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

You know you're living with a two-year-old...

*when you find a wet, folded washcloth in with the all the clean, dry ones. At least it was folded!

*when you find grapes in unusual places ie: couch cushions, truck beds, faucets (just ask my friend Dee)!

*when you buy a potty, it gets used several times and you hear the words, "now we can take it back, mama".

*when you find your purse and all its belongings strewn out in the your shower.

*when you go through at least 3 outfits a day, and not because they want to (like their older diva sister).

*when every statement is followed by "why mama?"

*when you hear crying in the middle of night and have to find blankie in the dark before it will stop.

and best of all...
*when you get cuddles, kisses and love (at least when they stop long enough)!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A new start

Finally, Landon decided today while in Walmart buying diapers that he wanted his very own big boy potty. I was so excited I about tossed the rest of my list just to get home and see if he would use it! He has used it once, and thought it was okay, but was more concerned about "falling in" than the actual pottying he did. He tried on some "big boy britches" that Gram had sent for Easter and thought he was hot stuff. At the time the picture was taken, he had on all three pairs...over his diaper! The other picture is one of our routine while Daddy is gone. Everyone takes a bath, gets a drink and crawls into Mommy's bed for some cartoons and lovin'. We're going to bed early tonight because we went for a hike around the lake in Bella Vista this afternoon and we are all pooped!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What does this have to do with anything? Well...it's McDreamy, come on! Serena and couldn't resist throwing this larger-than-life heart throb a quick kiss while shopping in Vegas. Even our husbands, who are taking the pictures, thought he was looking svelt. Ladies, click on the picture to get a better view, I guarantee it's worth it! Sorry ya'll looking for another cute pic of the babies, you'll have to humor the writer of the blog for just one second!

Promised Pics

The first two pics are from Vegas: at the wedding chapel and at Studio 54, which was the after-vows party that was a total blast!!! We were treated to the Vegas experience, VIP style! The next pic is a picture of the kids Easter picture, with live bunnies and everything! I hope you all get to see it in person some day! The last three are of Geoff's family while in Wichita. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tom and Jerry

Really quickly I had to post this for all my same-age friends and our parents who had to put up with us...my kiddos are watching Tom and Jerry as I write this. Yes, the "old time" cartoon that we grew up with is now suddenly cool again. Claire watched it at lunch bunch Wednesday and ever since has been channel surfing to find it. Amazing how things come around!

Here's another tidbit: Claire asked yesterday while I was fixing her hair how old she would have to be before I would let her go on a date. (A DATE! YOUR FIVE! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM, YOU NEVER GET TO GO!!!!) Calmly, I explained to her what a date entailed and that usually dates didn't happen until high school. Claire replied "I know mom, but I already have the boys (yes plural) picked out for the date, and we're just going to the movies, so can't I just go NOW?" A stern NO was the answer, and she dropped it. Until Daddy came home and the same question was posed to him...although he about had a heartattack! His answer was also never, so Claire sulked away to her room to sob in her non-date misery. What terrible parents! PS I will post some pics this evening of our weekend and the kids too, just haven't had a chance yet!

Friday, April 11, 2008

An idea...

Landon's new one-liner is: "That sounds like a good idea", which he uses correctly when he wants to do something Sissy or I have suggested. However, today at Walmart I was approaching the potty issue again (this won't go away, but won't start either) and I asked if I should buy a potty for him. He put his finger on his chin, rolled his eyes to the ceiling in deep thought and then said "That sounds like an...idea, but not really a good one, Mama". Guess I couldn't trick him into that one!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Okay, so generally this blog is about our children, because that's what everyone is interested in. But I haven't blogged for awhile because Geoff and I went to Las Vegas last weekend! Some friends of ours were married there, and so our old group from Wichita all met up and had some fun! I had never been to Vegas, so I had lots to see...and adjust to! We had a blast shopping, eating, dancing and seeing a great show. Plus the best part was being there to watch our friends unite their lives. So back to the kids...
The kiddos stayed with Nana and Papa while we were away. They played with Lucy, of course, and went to the zoo. They were also kept busy by family from Virginia, who came into town that weekend. Geoff's aunts and Papa and Shir-Shir came for a visit, and Landon and Claire were their best friends immediately. Our family had to leave Monday, but we still got in some good visiting and play time, too.
Since then, I've been doing laundry, getting back on a schedule and helping Geoff prep for his China trip, which is coming up this weekend. The kids have been recooperating, and playing Wii (because it's pretty much been raining nonstop since we got home). We are also getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale. The kids helped me clean our their rooms yesterday and picked out a few toys that they were ready to sale. This was a traumatic event for Claire, who wept when I mentioned maybe we should clean out the Barbie stash! This Mommy will never ask that again...Claire's response: (through the tears) "I will NOT give away Barbie's until I'm at least sixteen, mother". I guess I'll be picking up tiny shoes for quite a while...