Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nine Years Ago...

Nine years ago it was a Saturday.
Nine years ago I woke up with only a few butterflies in my stomach...and those were only for everything to go smoothly (although I knew my Mom had that taken care of!)
Nine years ago I put on the perfect dress. And giggled when one of my friends said "the perfect dress to marry the perfect man".
Nine years ago I walked in the church to see you standing at the front. You had a huge smile on your face and all those butterflies flew away.
Nine years ago I walked down that aisle with my Daddy, thinking I could never love that man at the front of the church more than I do right now.
Nine years ago I made the ultimate declaration of love and dedication by saying "I do".
Nine years ago you made my dreams come true by saying it back...

Nine years later you have proven me wrong about our love...I can love you more and do every day. Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Our family took an extra day on this long weekend to go to Kansas. Well...the kids and I stayed in Kansas, Daddy went to Charlotte with his Dad to see the races! (If he ever gets the urge to blog, I'll let him tell you about it!) The kids and I stayed with Nana and the cousins the first half of the trip. The kids played, splashed in the pool, we all went to the ballgame (Go Nuts!...and Hoopy!) and had a sleepover with Lucy. We spent the second half at Gram and Poppy's. We put flowers on graves, played on the slip and slide and BIG ball, and saw baby cousin Thurston. We also saw my cousins! We came back through Wichita to pick up Daddy, and have lunch before heading home Monday. I did not take one picture the whole time we were gone! I was enjoying every minute, and will surely be disappointed that I don't have permanent memories! Thanks to everyone for everything!!!!! Claire has 6 more days of school and Landon 3 (making up snow days) and then summer, here we come!!!!!