Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day to Day

The Daniel family has just been busy and livin' life the last couple weeks.  Claire has been dancing and Landon has been playing football.  Claire got the lead part of "Alice" in one of her dances for this competition season.  She was very excited!  Landon scored 3, count them, 3 touchdowns at his last football game!  He is improving with every game and really enjoying being quarterback.  We are building an extra garage next to the house, which is being shingled as I type.  This is Geoff's project, but has allowed me to get some more landscaping in the backyard.  Mommy is now secretary of the kids' school PTO, not to mention room mom for Landon's class.  I am excited about this and not a bit overwhelmed (haha)!  All in all, we are "back in the groove" and everything is working out well so far!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Little Man

Landon has become his own person since he started school last year.  It's fun to watch him venture out on his own; make new friends, talk to adults, and find his path in this world.  Two things made me stop to think about him specifically yesterday.

First, he was chosen as an Ambassador for Thomas Jefferson Elementary (his school).  Ambassadors are chosen by their teacher for displaying positive character traits and actively seeking to include other students.  As an Ambassador, Landon will help studenets new to his school by giving tours, a helping hand with rules and making them feel welcome and not left out.  Landon was tickled by the honor and said in response "I will do my best at this important job.  I want students to know coming to a new school doesn't have to be scary."  Love him!!!!!

Second, he wrote why his grandparents are special to him while in school.  Of all the things his grandparents share with him, watching TV was the first to come to mind.  Between Nascar and American Pickers, Landon must truly be enjoying his time with his grandparents!
"My grandparents are special because they watch TV with me.  and my Grandma takes me to her job she works at a hospital."  His spelling and handwriting has come a LONG way since the end of last year.  These are his least favorite things to do!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Da' Bears

Landon played in his first flag football game of the season Saturday morning.  His team is the Bears.  First play of the game, Landon received the football after a handoff and ran straight down the field for a touchdown!  It was very exciting!  Landon also played well at quarterback and running back, and some various defensive roles too.  Although the team played hard, the Bears lost their first game.  But they were not deterred and enjoyed themselves anyway!

After the game and some lunch, we went to a birthday party for a previous neighbor.  The kids got to catch up with their friend, bowl and play laser tag.  Sunday morning we attended church.  After a long Saturday, it took a lot of effort to get the kids moving, but they had a blast once they got there.

And although it's late...but better late than never....


We are so thankful to have the best grandparents (and great-grandparents) our children could ask for.  Not only do they love and spoil unconditionally, they teach wonderful things, create good times and nurture kindness in our children.  Lots of love to you all!

Landon waiting for them to announce the line up.  They have a loud speaker and announce all the players names as they run out toward their fields.  Pretty cool!  Sadly, this is the only picture I got that day.  More to come...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rise and Shine

The kids' new school does "Rise and Shine" every Friday morning.  The whole school is ushered into the cafeteria where each week a different class gives information to them about something 'academic'.  Claire's class was the first to tackle this task; reporting on the Western region of the US (The rest of the fourth grade classes will do the other regions).  Claire was the only child with two separate speaking parts.  She told me it was because "Mr. Engle said I was a good student and not afraid to speak up in front of an audience.  He told me he could tell I was a performer".  (Mommy thinks Mr. Engle can pick up pretty quickly on the obvious personality traits of his students...haha!)  Well, they did a fabulous job, Claire had a little bumble but recovered during one of her speaking parts, and then they sang a song while the teacher played the guitar.  It was so cool!  The vice principal gets the kids fired up and they do special cheers after the presentation to celebrate the class' hard work.  A great way to get all the students connected and learn a little bit in the process.

Long Weekend in KS

We spent Labor Day weekend in Kansas with the families.  We were all suffering so terribly from allergies during this trip that some of it was a little hazy and not a lot of pics were taken...but we had so much fun!  We left Saturday morning for Nana and Papa's.  The kids played in the lake with their cousins and made silly videos together, and then we all had dinner.  Sunday morning dawned to even more allergy issues.  But after donuts and more cousin time we made it to Gram and Poppy's that afternoon to be greeted by more cousins!  Unkie treated the kids to a "chair rack ride" behind the tractor before Uncle Frank's party that evening.    Monday morning was mini ranger and Barney rides before lunch and then trekking back to Arkansas.  It was a whirlwind...but a fun one!
 The cousins getting one last 'splash' in together at the lake.  The water was cold but it didn't seem to bother them too much once they got in.  Although come to think of it, there was lots of sand castle building this time!
 Lucy showing off her lost front tooth, thanks to Gaga (Geoff).  Landon hamming it up with her.  These two are peas in a pod.
 Miss Charlotte staking her claim of both Geoff and Daddy (Fred).  Geoff quickly became her favorite after Fred had to leave for a bit to help Frank set up for the party.  But once Fred was back, she wouldn't let either one of them out of her sight.  It was so cute!
 Geoff with Charlotte and Thurston.
No ordinary hay rack ride for us...we go "posh"!  If you can't quite make out what is happening here, there are chairs on the trailer behind the tractor to take a ride.