Monday, March 21, 2011

And today she is 8...

She has an attitude, this 8-year-old of mine. She constantly contradicts what I say. And if her brother is telling a story, she can't just listen, she must interrupt and finish the story. She cries at the drop of a hat, and generally anytime she doesn't get her way. And she has a terrible habit of putting things in her mouth...anything close by: Fingers, hair, necklaces, etc.

But this 8-year-old is a beautiful, kind, sweet little thing. She is a loyal friend, almost to a fault. And sticks up for the underdog, regardless of how it may effect her. She has no tolerance for bad people, and her favorite quote, especially when watching movies is "The bad guy never wins". When she talks, it's with her whole body...her face lights up, her hands move and often times, even her legs start moving (since she is often talking about dance). She loves imaginative play, especially with her brother. It warms a Mother's heart to listen to the giggling of "pretend-land" while they are deep in Claire's created world. She is somewhat artistic, although her short attention span doesn't allow her to always finish what she's started. This includes books, as she can read words like a high schooler, but can't sit long enough to finish a chapter. All the vocabulary she has stored in that 8-year-old brain makes her a sharp student, but also causes frustration when math doesn't come as easily as reading. Her struggles with this have made her more confident (which sounds backwards) and required her to become more diligent in her studies. This little girl can also dance like a butterfly while on stage, even though this same grace exudes her in normal life. But this 8-year-old on stage is a joy to watch, as this same joy is written all over her face while doing what she loves. She has no idea how many people tell her Mother how much they enjoy watching her perform. It's a gift, given to her by her Maker, as are these other personality traits and flaws. And even as these traits create a young lady, as much as I want to stop time and relish in her contradictions, math studies and dancing, I have to mark time with a birthday and just enjoy the moment, as each year she grows more and more into a independent being. But even though she turns 8 today, she will always be my little girl.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Alice In Wonderland

The Alices

Claire dancing with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
Claire's "big sis" from dance and her friend, as well as several of her dance teachers came to watch the day performance!
Claire and the oysters and walrus.

Between competitions mentioned below, Claire was also in the ballet presented by her Elementary school. One of the teachers at her school offers classes all year in preparation for this production. It's a wonderful program, and, as always, the school doesn't disappoint! From the backdrops to the costumes, it was beautiful! Claire was chosen to be the Alice for 2nd grade. Quite an accomplishment since there was only one Alice chosen from each grade, and nearly 200 children participated school wide (minus Kindergarten). She did a lovely job, and even did her pas de deux with a "BOY" perfectly! (This was not her favorite part!) Gram and Poppy were here to watch this dancing too, and even Daddy made it just in time from Orlando to see his sweet Alice do her thing!

Dancing Queen

These are iphone pics...not good quality!
A few "friends". This is the lyrical costume and the dance is "That's What Friends Are For".
Wicked World. Each girl is a different fairy tale character. Fun to watch!
Sibling love in Kansas City!

Claire has been in dance competition mode now for a couple weeks. Two weekends ago our family went to Kansas City to watch her compete and take classes. All her dances placed either 1st or 2nd on Saturday. Even after that very LONG day of competing, she got up the next day and took master classes all day Sunday. She had lots of fun, and we all enjoyed a little shopping afterwards, as a reward for all the hard work! Landon deserved it as much as Claire, as he had to endure hours of dancing the day before!

This weekend was competition in Bentonville. Although much easier because it's on home turf, the day was not any shorter! The dances, however, did even better here! All first places! This competition gives overall awards for certain areas, and all Claire's dances were in the top five overall also, and her lyrical number was first overall! Very exciting, and lots of fun because Gram and Poppy came to watch...not to mention having lots of friends dancing from other studios in the same competition. Now for a little break before recital...

In no particular order..

The kids and I took a "sanity day" last Monday and went to the movies. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet. But they loved this set up for Rango.
Landon with a cannon at Pea Ridge National Military Park. We spent a few hours there when Gram and Poppy came to visit this last weekend.
Landon's Valentine box. He came up with the idea, and with a little help from Daddy and Mommy...viola! A robot box!
Elkhorn Tavern at Pea Ridge Park. Landon really enjoyed learning about the history in the area and the Civil War battle that took place on this spot. Who woulda thought...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy with Life...

So I'm thinking to myself..."I have 5 minutes to burn while I'm waiting to time dinner right and the dryer to stop running and having the kids pick up their rooms. What should I do?" The immediate list created does not have blogging on the top. Actually, it doesn't even make the top 10. But I decided that one of my New Year's resolutions should not be neglected, as we have been busy living life the last couple of weeks! Between dance, gymnastics, fundraising galas, school projects and putting a house on the market, life has been crazy! I am hoping to have a special blog for each special event, but at this point, I can't promise that until maybe spring break! (And even then will be sketchy because Claire has school a couple days to make up snow days.) So please forgive me, fellow bloggers and readers, as I am just trying to keep up with the day-to-day, to relish each moment, and secure each excited hug and kiss in my mind. Blogging these times will come soon enough, and it will be wonderful to relive each one!