Monday, August 22, 2011

Flight Festival

One of the kids took this picture of the planes.
Watching the truck...

Our family and my parents attended the Wichita Flight Festival Saturday evening. What an amazing show!!!! Landon watched with attentive eyes and an open mouth as planes dipped and circled about him. Some fast, some slow, but all spectacular! Claire enjoyed most of the show, but her lack of attention got the best of her sometimes. The finale was a truck with jet engines that sped across the runway with a wall of fire ignited behind him. It was a great ending!

As a side note, the kids have thoroughly enjoyed having their grandparents within close range. Whether going to The Little Mermaid or driving the golf cart around the neighborhood, the grandparents have been present and accounted for on a regular basis. Both kids have commented about how nice it is to see them without having to travel. Yes, yes it is!

1st Day of School

I can't think of many things more heart-wrenching for this Mommy than letting her children go to school. I don't have control of their actions, the activities they complete are not my creations and I don't get to see their faces after they try and conquer something new. Landon started Kindergarten this year. And granted, it's only half-day, but there are still three hours where he is in a big-kid school and I have no control! This is not what this day is about, however, and these complaints only make me a selfish Mommy. Landon was so excited! After meeting his teacher and seeing his school, he hated having to wait two whole days before he could start (the school did assessments on all the KG students on those days). Landon is very proud of his Star Wars backpack and as we packed it full of supplies, he stated "This bag will hold anything I ever need!". Landon completed the assessments mentioned above with flying colors. His teacher emerged with him after only about 10 minutes and proclaimed that Landon was more than prepared for Kindergarten. Didn't have to tell this Mommy that!!! My heart burst and Landon had a look of satisfaction on his face as he replayed the "easy" questions he was asked.

Daddy and Mommy were both there to walk him in after a McDonalds lunch on his first day. He sat down and smiled that big smile and said "I've got this". My big boy did as the teacher told him, and changed into his PE shoes after he found his desk. When we left the room, he just waved and turned around to face the front of the classroom. No tears, no whining, and only minimal was awesome! Mommy was the total opposite as I drove out of the parking lot, but I was also so proud and just plain happy that Landon was confident enough to not be concerned. That afternoon at pick-up, Claire waited for Landon and as they ran toward each other and embraced, I about started crying again. Another milestone complete, for both of them.

Claire started 3rd grade with a smile and a good attitude. Although that smile turned to tears as soon as we got into the school. She was brave and walked into the classroom she had visited the night before without too much drama. I've tried to imagine myself at 8-years-old, walking in to a new school with all new people and how I might feel. This doesn't conjure up such fabulous feelings. But she did it and made her parents proud!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Ruby Red Slippers Reappear

Our family are officially Kansans again! I say this statement with joy, relief, sadness and a bit of excitement. Joy because this process has been a long and tiring one. One that was prayed for and then prayed over more often than I could imagine. I feel joy because we are closer to our extended family and that somehow makes me feel safer. Relief, because although I've already vowed not to blog about the endless days of house showings, moving details and just plain anxiety, I am absolutely relieved it is over. It was exhausting and stressful. Sadness is felt in bits and pieces by all of us. We carved a niche for ourselves in Bentonville. I feel guilty saying that we extended our family there, but we did. The kids and I regularly reminisce, and this often turns into tears for what is being missed. But this leads to the excitement of what's to come. New friends, new balls teams and dance groups, new schools and church. And although it's scary, even when you're "home", we all have the excitement of starting something fresh and new. And like I told the kids just this morning..."we are starting over together, and you can't ask for anything better than that".