Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Park Springs Park

After school and before dance there just isn't enough time to trek all the way home and then get back to the dance studio.  It just doesn't allow for much time other than driving.  So the kids and I go out and about to run errands or play at a park.  This park was so beautiful and the kids had so much fun I thought I'd capture it.

On a side note...Claire was voted by her class to be their female representative on the Fourth Grade Student Government.  This job will entail running fundraisers for the class trip and charity events such as a food drive in January.  She was very excited and honored to be chosen.  Proud of her for having that outgoing personality!

 There is a ring of climbing rocks in the middle of the park.

 Going on a hike around the back end of the park...hoping to find the actual Park Springs.
 We found the springs!  The area was so beautiful...we saw TEN deer run across the stream while we walking and then discovered where there was a pooled up area at the base of of the springs' falls that would be fun to swim around in when it's warmer.
A fun discovery...we will come back often I think!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween and Toyland

Halloween came and went so quickly this year!  We hardly snapped any photos, which makes me so sad in retrospect!  We had fun with the usual things, though.  Carving pumpkins (which there are no pics of), class parties, and trick or treating with friends.  The picture of Claire dressed up as a witch is on Geoff's phone so I will add it soon.  Her costume was homemade with the exception of the shoes and hat.  Landon's football uniform was obviously bought...there is no Green Bay gear in this house!  But this is his new favorite team.  The class parties were fun for both and we trick or treated that night with our friends the Tuckers, who live in our old neighborhood.  It was fun to see some old friends that night too!
 Landon dressed as a Packer Quarterback.
 Landon getting wrapped up like a mummy at his class party.
Kids sorting and trading their "Halloween loot".

We attended the Downtown Bentonville Toyland event last Friday evening.  A child's dreamland of every toy maker possible lined the streets of downtown.  Some were giving away freebies, others offering pictures with characters.  The kids had fun...the parents not so much!  The crowds were ridiculous!  There was lots of neat things to see and do though...
 Landon waiting for the Batmobile to rev it's engine.
 The kids in front of the Coca-Cola truck with the polar bear.
Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine.

We have a big surprise headed our way at the end of the week.  Can't wait to blog about this one!!!