Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Calendar Update

You should see our calendar!!!  We haven't even finished the second week of school and it's full!  I have started helping in Landon's classroom doing Tuesday folders and reading groups.  Landon has football practice on Monday evenings, and starts playing games next weekend; and piano lessons on Thursday evenings.  He's supposed to practice that every night, but we've been doing about 5 nights a week, and that's enough for now.  Claire has dance three nights a week, and is already studying for her first spelling test Friday.  It's gonna be a busy year!  The kids are loving every minute so far, so Mommy isn't going to complain.  (At least not yet!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day Of School

My children started a new school year in a new school for the second time.  And I have to was much easier for them than it was for me!  I was so concerned, but my two troopers had not a care in the world but what was being served for lunch!  Both kids met their teachers and toured the school the Thursday before school started, and declared the teachers and school were great.  Claire has a male teacher this year.  She is excited at this novelty.  Landon is more laid back and although he likes his teacher; he is more concerned about what will be learned in PE and if the girls will chase him at recess.  They have grown so much the last year.  We've been through quite a lot as a family.  I am so proud of them and the little people they are becoming.
 Landon's first day of first grade.
Claire's first day of fourth grade.

Pics from the Fair

 Ready to ride the swings!  Landon kept on riding the whole time...Claire needed a few "breaks".
 Just barely holding a chick at the petting farm.
Our "animal whisperer" cuddling and putting to sleep this of many chicks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nana and Papa Visit

Nana and Papa came to visit last weekend.  Although they have already seen the house, the kids hadn't had a chance to see Nana and Papa since we moved in.  The kids were so excited to hang out with them!  We went out for pizza and enjoyed an afternoon at the county fair riding rides.  Well, the kids rode the rides...we enjoyed watching them!  Landon has become quite the dare devil, and was disappointed when he wasn't tall enough to ride some of the more elaborate (ie: SCARY!) rides.  Claire showed off her "animal whisperer" skills by putting a chick to sleep in her lap, while the other kids could hardly keep ahold of them.  Nana and Papa brought some fabulous steak for dinner.  Yummy!!!  The children were disappointed when they had to leave, but went to bed early for their first day of school!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gram and Poppy come for a visit

 Claire and Landon panning for minerals and crystals.
 Landon posing inside the cavern.
Last weekend, Gram and Poppy came to visit us in our new home.  The kids were so excited!  Claire created a written "tour" of our home that she presented when they arrived.  Friday morning we went to the Daisy B-B Gun Museum and enjoyed lunch together.  Then we headed out to Beaver Lake and War Eagle Cavern.  After exploring the cave and the grounds, the kids panned for crystals and minerals.  This was a hit!  Saturday we enjoyed some art at Crystal Bridges and the kids took their grandparents to the neighborhood pool.  We also enjoyed several games of UNO on the back porch.  They went home Sunday after a neighborhood walk and some yard games.  It was a good weekend filled with good times!  Now we are preparing for school start!

Summer Fun

 Landon, Laney, Claire and Lucy at the pool.  Aren't they just so cute?
 Landon, Lucy, Claire and Laney enjoying their lunch together...a little too much!
Claire feeding Charlotte lunch.  This was a first time for Claire, and she really enjoyed being able to help out.

So this post is a little out of order, but I'm just finally getting some pictures put on the computer from our trip to KS and the aquarium in Tulsa.  The kids and I spent a week in July in KS.  The first part we stayed with Lindsey, Lucy and Laney.  The kids played, swam and played some more!  Plus, we also got to watch Lucy and Laney in action at gymnastics.  They all get along so well and it's a joy to watch them grow together.  The second part we stayed at Gram and Poppy's.  We swam, went to the farm to ride the mini ranger and Barney, and played with Fred, Charlotte, Thurston and, of course, Uncle Frank.  One hot weekend our family decided to take the short trip over to Tulsa to walk through the aquarium.  It was really neat and the kids enjoyed the sharks and other crazy underwater creatures.  We also did a little shopping.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a Few Pictures

 We enjoyed cheering on the Wingnuts this spring.  The cousins had lots of fun "watching" the game!  Landon and Lucy and Laney Hooper
 Claire earned the name "The Animal Whisperer" while in Colorado.  Animals just seem to understand her...or vice versa!
While in Colorado, Landon climbed pretty much every pile of rocks we came across.
 Claire prepped and ready for recital 2012.  A great ending to a fun year of new dance friends.
The cousins posing for family pictures.  Can't believe they are all looking at the camera at the same time!  Claire and Landon, and Thurston and Charlotte Silhan.

A New Start...Again!

This is our new home in Arkansas.  We technically live in the city of Centerton now, which is just outside of Bentonville, but the children will attend Bentonville Public Schools and still do all their activities in Bentonville.  The move was not the smoothest, but now that we are settled in those issues are being put to rest.  The last few weeks have been filled with getting reacquainted with our friends here in NWA.  The kids have also been enrolled in school, dance, flag football and piano lessons.  School starts in less than 2 weeks, and although it is a different school than before, the kids are excited to get in and get going!

Our summer started with a trip to Colorado with Gram and Poppy.  It was a wonderful week filled with hiking, sight seeing and playing.  We came back to Arkansas after, which was a fun transition for the kids.  Nana and Papa had come to help Geoff with the unloading while we were in Colorado, so the kids bedrooms were all ready for them when we arrived!

Claire auditioned for the competitive dance team she participated in before and made it.  Landon is anxiously awaiting football practice, which should start next week.  And Mommy is enjoying these last few days of summer before the taxi service must start up again!