Friday, February 27, 2009

Roller Skating

The kiddos and I went roller skating again last night. You might remember we did this a couple weeks ago, but this time, I was determined to keep both of them on their feet and get some pics in the process! I accomplished this, but most of the pics were not very good...bad lighting and lots of movement! Claire did much better this time, and seems to be getting more comfortable. Landon just had fun going as fast his is little preschool skates would take him, and dancing to the music with his buddy (we met some friends there so we had lots more fun than we would have if we'd gone on our own). Not nearly as many bruises this morning, so I say success!

Claire had "sports day" today at school. She made a pennant and got to wear her favorite shirt to school. Their homework this week was about college and what you do and learn there. Landon had to get it on the fun as well!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bragging Rights

I'm the mom, right? I ask that question repeatedly during the day: after arguing over eating food off the floor, or not flushing the toilet or why people really do care if you wear pants. So I decided this also gives me the right to do some bragging about my generally wonderful children! Besides the above conversations that have happened (not just with Landon!), here are some great things that my children have accomplished in the last weeks.

Claire can read! And not just a, it, the, I mean really read! It is so fun to listen to her just pick up a book and start reading it, sound out the words she doesn't know and then actually understand what she just read. She has also started putting inflection in her reading, not always appropriate, but a good start! Claire has also gotten 100% on all of her spelling tests and never missed a sight word. At dance class, she can shuffle fast with the best of them, and can finally leap with both legs. She also can do a Y-scale (stand on one foot with the other foot held up so the legs look like a Y). Claire has recently had an emotional accomplishment, too. A hard one, but a good one. She sees kiddos in her class get color changes for lying, but watched an adult at her school lie to a student. She had major questions about this, which (I think) we have successfully maneuvered around and she now has a good understanding of why nobody should ever lie. Heavy stuff...

My little man is officially taking the big boy class at Gymboree, but has now started asking me to leave (sob)! He did great during the soccer unit, he kicked the ball accurately and even learned to stop it. Landon also recognizes the letters in his name and is writing an L. It's not the prettiest thing, but it's legible. I also realized the other day he could count to 16 and actually can recognize all the letters in the alphabet with the exception of 5. Where did all this come from? Landon's newest phrase is "What up, dog?". He said this to the greeter at Walmart Monday...I about peed my pants watching the look on the guy's face! Right now he's playing computer games all by himself, "I don't need your help Mommy, I am smart!". His speaking abilities have really gotten better: he uses I instead of me, or you. We are still working the potty training thing, although we are doing it more often or not. My little guy is becoming such a big boy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gram & Poppy come to visit

Gram and Poppy came to Arkansas Thursday just in time to put Claire to bed. Landon had already fallen asleep; he was so excited he wore himself out! Friday we had lunch with Claire at school, played sports outside and read books. That evening Gram and Poppy took the kiddos out to eat, and Geoff and I had a nice dinner out by ourselves! It was a nice treat, and everyone had lots of fun with their respective dinner-mates. Saturday morning everyone was up bright and early and the playing began instantly! Gram brought lots of good crafts to do. Painting, beading, stamping, jello jigglers, and alphabet stickers...just to name a few! Daddy made yummy ribs for all of us that evening, and although the kiddos didn't eat much, the adults indulged and enjoyed! Sunday morning we played some more, fed the birds and went out to lunch before embarking on a Ranger ride. Gram and Poppy experienced the thrill of going up our big "hill" (dirt pile). Then we said goodbye. Landon took a great nap Sunday afternoon, but Claire couldn't. She did, however, have a hard time getting up this morning! It was a fun time...thanks Gram and Poppy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Growing Pains

Last night Landon awoke about 11:30, screaming and crying. I am fearing the worse...stomach bug. However, this evening was not like the others. He was not throwing up, running a fever or coughing. He was consistently itching his leg and knee. When he finally calmed down enough to talk he told me his knee hurt. We rubbed some lotion on it; I thought maybe it was dry and that's why he was itchy. But he continued to cry for another 3o minutes! I checked everything: He could move it, bend it, touch it and it wasn't bruised or anything. Finally he asked for "the pills that make me feel better" (Tylenol Meltaways) and that seemed to cure the problem. An hour and a half later he was finally sleeping peacefully. I can only assume it was growing pains, because he's running around like a wild person today and hasn't mentioned his leg or knee once!

Later last night (yes the same night), Claire woke up sobbing and found me in Landon's room. She curled up next to me and told me this terribly vibrant and real dream about robots and evil men chasing them and how she couldn't get away. This is happening every so often, and has become more of an issue since school started back up after our ice storm break. She has seen bits and pieces of the movie "Transformers" (I know, I'm such a great mom), but besides that I can't for the life of me figure out where this is coming from. The dreams are consistent and she is often crying and shaking when she wakes, so I know it's real. Another growing pain that this Mommy is just not ready for!!!
PS: As I'm writing this, Claire is watching High School Musical 3 and bawling! Gabriella went away and things are sad and she can hardly stand it! This happens alot too...I think I have a sensitive soul on my hands, or a drama queen!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nana & Lucy come to visit

Nana and Lucy arrived in Arkansas Saturday at lunch time. The kiddos immediately started playing and pretty much kept each other busy the rest of the weekend! They did get a chance to go outside a couple times, for a change of scenery, but most of the time just played wherever their little hearts led them. They only bickered when they were tired, which was only a couple times. Claire didn't have school today, so they stayed today until lunch time, and then returned home. We've been laying low, to rest up! Thanks Nana and Lucy for a good weekend full of play and fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Parties

Claire had her Valentine party at school today. The owner of a pizza joint here in town's son is in her class, so they provided pizza for lunch, while the rest of us moms brought the makings for ice cream sundaes. It was fun to watch the kiddos go through their valentines. Claire's teacher does a book with each child's name on a page and then the students paste the corresponding valentine to that page. It's a great keepsake, and a great craft! Landon's party was more subdued, with sugar cookies and exchanging of valentines. He doesn't seem to really get the whole idea, and will be like his Daddy when it comes to cards. His take on valentines: "Why do I have to give this card to everyone, can't they just have the pencil?". We've also been blessed to receive packages in the mail from Gram and Poppy, Unkie and Staci and Uncle Frank. You'd think it was Christmas the way those kiddos tore into those boxes and envelopes! Claire even said "Isn't it great to have people who love us?". Darn tootin, little one!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Project

Our project this week for Valentine's Day was making heart pillows. Each kiddo picked out what color they wanted the pillow to be, decorated it, stuffed it and finished putting it together. They had lots of fun and are very proud of their creations.
This afternoon we met some friends at the skating rink for a learn to skate session. They only allowed children on the rink who were not "practiced" skaters. It was nice...we didn't have to dodge any teenagers going crazy fast and because there were only kids out, the parents could wear real shoes and actually help. Landon did well in his preschool skates and zoomed around with his buddy, without much help from Momma. Claire, on the other hand, wanted to wear inline skates like her friends. Then we switched to quads, and eventually, she ended up with preschool skates too. She did very well, although I think most of her body will be purple and blue tomorrow. The last 15 minutes she put the real quad skates back on and attempted to go on her own. She'd make it a little ways before falling, but she was a trooper and would get right back up and keep going. I'm so bummed I forgot my camera, although I'm not sure how many pictures I could have taken!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Potty Ponderings

We thought Landon had the potty thing licked. He was even wearing big boy underwear some days. Then the last few days, he's decided to slide...again. So we had a discussion this morning; here is an excerpt:
Mommy: "How come you don't put that potty in the potty anymore?"
Landon: "I'm too busy." (typical male)
Mommy: "Too busy doing what?"
Landon: (using fingers to count) "Playing with monster trucks, making car machines, fighting fires, things like that (with a shrug of the shoulders)."
Mommy: "Well, maybe we just shouldn't play those things until you can use the potty again, so you're not so busy."
Landon: "But who will play with those things?"
Mommy: "Nobody, until you start going potty again."
Landon: "I just won't play with you anymore, Mommy, how's that deal?"
Mommy: "But..."
Landon: "I'm just joking you Mommy. I love you, but I love going potty in my diaper too!"
Will I win this battle? What do I have to do to convince this boy to keep up his good efforts?!?!?!

Also today:
Landon and I hosted the 'hood playdate this morning. 9 kids running around having fun (we were 4 short), moms having fun too...$0. Breakfast for the clan...$20. Clean up afterwards...priceless!
We went out for dinner tonight with some other moms and daughters whose hubby's/daddy's were out of town also. Claire says "It's a girls night out!" Landon says "But I want to go, where am I going Mommy...(sobbing)". I told Landon he was coming too..."But I'm no girl, yuck!"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

100th day of school...finally!

After the week off, the 100th day of school was a little late. But today is finally the day! I don't recall celebrating this day when I was young, but boy it's a big deal for the KGer's at Claire's school! They get to dress up like they are 100 years old, make 100 collages and 100 trail mix, count everything they can to 100, etc... It was fun getting Claire to look her old. It was her idea to put a pillow under her clothes so she could be the "cuddly, fat, old lady" (where does that stuff come from?). Since this Mommy really didn't want to use baby powder in her hair to make it white, we compromised on a bonnet and she's wearing my old glasses from college with the lenses taken out. She was so funny when I dropped her and her friend off at school...they both walked up the sidewalk hunched over with their hands on their back scuffling their feet like they really were old! Even Landon thought it was funny!

Other things going on:

Landon finally got to start his "big kid" sports class at Gymboree this week (we were either sick or iced in the last 3 times). He loved it and did the whole thing by himself! Afterwards on the drive home he said "Mommy, I'm just exhausted after all that exercising!".

When we were driving to church Sunday, Geoff had brought his bible along and had it sitting on the console of the truck. Claire says "Holy Bible? Why do you have a Holy Bible, Daddy?". Now although that does not sound funny when you say it...think of Batman and Robin, and then say it again!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's get out of the house!

Claire did not have school the rest of last week. And we were pretty much iced in until Friday, so we were ready to burn some energy by then! Friday morning both kiddos had a playdate with friends in the neighborhood, and then Daddy took us out to eat that evening. Saturday morning, Daddy woke up and said "Where are we going today?". Mommy had the answer of course: The zoo! We drove to Tulsa and enjoyed a beautiful, warm day at the zoo and at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. The kids enjoyed seeing the sea lions and tigers, and riding the train and carousel. They also enjoyed getting to sit in a "big plane" and playing with the inside of planes. It was a great day and a great way to get out of the house and enjoy family time.