Monday, December 20, 2010

The Saga of our Little Man

Reaction to a green ipod for his birthday.

Landon turned 5. The baby boy, who endured surgery after being in this world for only one month. The toddler who outran his big sister before he could say a complete sentence. The little boy who captured his preschool teacher's heart, just by looking at her and saying "Please". The little man who plays Legos with his Daddy, sings to the new ipod with his sister, and has his Mommy wrapped around his little finger...turned 5. The sippy cup is officially gone. He is now old enough to attend Kindergarten. And now Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is for "babies". A little message to this baby...I mean, boy, that continues to keep growing, even when his Mommy tells him not too:
Your smile lights up every inch of my heart, and then melts it til there is nothing left. I adore the fact that you still tell me "I love you, Mommy", out of the blue, and give hugs at any time you choose. I relish each of these, and want to hold on to that a little longer. Because you are growing into a boy. A boy who believes in God, who wants to learn everything about how things "go", who has a temper that sometimes gets the best of him, and who loves his family and friends unconditionally. You are my little man, and I love you to infinity and beyond, plus one. (inside joke)

December Pictures

Christoper the Elf
Claire on the ATD float (she's supposed to have an elf hat on...thinking she decided it wasn't her "style"!

Landon and some buddies, ready to catch candy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Start of December

Ok, so this is a combination blog; which is about what December is going to have to be if I'm gonna keep up with the schedule and blog about it! First off, today is Landon's birthday! I can't believe it's been 5 years since my baby boy graced us with his presence. He is truly a joy and blessing! I'll go on about that later.
Second, we started our advent calendars this year (yes, plural) on December 1st. Right on time, which is pretty amazing for me! We have a "fun times" one that has candy and little papers in each day with something fun to do (ie: decorate ornaments, make a gingerbread house, etc...) and we have a Lego one. Our elf appeared that day too. His name is Christopher and is a little funnier than Hokie elf from a year ago. He likes to hide in crazy places each night! The kids wrote their letters to Santa and are feeling confident that they are currently on the nice list. This Mommy, on the other hand, has some doubts!!!
Lastly, Claire participated in the Christmas parade again this year with her dance company. The girls decorated the float the evening before at their Christmas party. It wasn't as cold this year, and therefore much more enjoyable! We even met some friends so Landon had someone to watch, and catch candy with! Okay, so that was the first 5 days of December...
Pictures to follow

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Break photos

Papa "creamed" Landon before we sang Happy Birthday and he blew out his candle.
Papa got creamed back after the candle was blown out!!!!
Getting some Laney love. Yes, they are under an umbrella...
The cousins playing outside...when it's way too cold to be playing outside!
Jumping in the leaves at Gram and Poppy's
Maddie enjoyed the leaves too.
Cousins in the leaves.
More cousins in the leaves...

Cousins posing for Gram's Christmas card's that working Gram?

Thanksgiving in Kansas

Our family traveled to Kansas over the long Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with the rest of our family. Cousins played, adults chatted and thanks was given by all! The weather was generally cooperative, and even when it wasn't, the kids played outside anyway! The kids spent time on bikes, in the leaves and Landon enjoyed celebrating his birthday...twice!!! Thanks to both sides of the family for a relaxing and tummy-stuffing holiday!

Photos to come soon...