Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Yesterday we did our preppy for Halloween. We made lollipop ghosts (that carved pumpkin is Papa's creation), an orange and brown layer cake, and of course, carved pumpkins! Geoff came home with a little extra treat for him...a Polaris Ranger. If you recall a while back, there were pics of rides on the Rhino. Well, we now have our own similar set up. Everyone is excited; yes, even me! We'll take it trail riding in various areas, and hopefully get some good use of it around the neighborhood.

Have a Happy and Spooky Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Our family attended Trunk or Treat last night at our church. There was a petting zoo, smores-making, games, pony-carriage rides, and, most importantly, trunk or treating! If you are not familiar with this concept, everyone sets up their cars and trucks so that they can open the back and hand out treats as the kids walk around the parking lot. It was good fun for everyone!

(PS: Much to some of your disappointment, we did not get a video of the Thriller dance. We weren't thinking that far ahead and by the time we got everything ready, we couldn't go back!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Growing Puppy

I just wanted to give a quick update on our puppy, Maddie. She is growing and growing! She has been so much fun to play with, cuddle with and watch. Claire is, of course, VERY fond of her, and I think Maddie has decided she is Claire's dog. Landon has started talking to her, and attempting to play with her (running in circles and laughing), but is still not really into petting her. Maddie still nips a lot at hands and clothes, and has an accident inside every once in a while, but overall, she is great dog. She is now a part of the family!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Parties

Saturday night, Geoff and I attended an "80's House Party" for Halloween here in the neighborhood. We were supposed to dress up as something from the 1980's. This was a long, often interesting, discussion. We wanted to do something with our neighbors, the Symon's, but also had some good single ideas too. Finally it came down to Micheal Jackson's Thriller. As I know the majority of you reading this blog were either raising children in the eighties, or a child of the eighties, I will not go into detail about what Thriller's a song about creepy zombie's that was really the first "music video" most people recognize. So, Scott, Beth and Geoff all dressed as zombie's, painted up their faces and ripped up their clothes. I then became Micheal Jackson. The picture is self-explanatory! I guess since I had the background in dance, I was the natural pick to fling myself onto my toes and do the moonwalk (among other things). I choreographed a little 20 second spot for all of us to do with all the well known moves from the video and we did our little production when we arrived at the party...and again later for the guests who hadn't seen it. It was a total blast and will not soon be forgotten!

Sunday afternoon our family attended our neighborhood fall fest. There was a costume parade, bounce houses, cake walk, face painting, pony rides, hayrack rides, story telling and much more. The kids had fun, but being late in the afternoon, it started to get a little chilly and we left early for home (as most of our friends did with young children). It was fun for adults too...although some of us were dragging from the party the night before. Thus, why I do not have pictures of this event with the exception of painted faces before baths!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nana and Papa visit

Nana and Papa came to visit at the end of last week. They arrived on Thursday afternoon...they were at the house as we came home from getting Claire from school. They played all afternoon, had some dinner and then everyone went to bed early. Friday the boys went for haircuts and then we all met Claire at school to eat lunch with her (actually we watched her eat!). Then we headed to the toy store, by Landon's request and got some lunch. That afternoon some more shopping was done, more playing was done, rhino rides were given and then we were off to Doe's! That night the kiddos got to have a sleepover with Nana and Papa in the bus. Landon told Papa he'd "stay there forever" and Claire thought it was the best rest ever! Mommy and Daddy did too, for we got to sleep all night with no interruptions! Saturday was more playing and carving a pumpkin, before Nana and Papa left. The kiddos were sad but got excited again with the realization that Sara would be babysitting while Mommy and Daddy went to a Halloween party Saturday night.
The kids had so much fun with grandparents playing and sleeping over, they are still talking about it!
(More blogs to come to finish out the weekend...I have to pace myself!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just up to a few things

Friday was Geoff's birthday. He's such a good daddy...he came home early from work, I think so maybe he could take a nap or mow the lawn. But instead he took his son to the toy store and bought a fire truck that they could make together. Landon had so much fun, and Claire enjoyed watching too. (The truck was supposed to be a good job on the potty training, but I think Geoff got a little boost too!) We went to Doe's with our friend's, the Symons', to celebrate Geoff's, Beth's, and Sara's birthdays, which are all in Oct. Saturday was birthday party day. We did three of them, which were all at the same joke! Sunday we went to church and then another party. This week should be a little less chaotic. Nana and Papa are coming to visit for a couple days at the end of the week, so the kids have something to look forward to!

Geoff and Landon assemble the fire truck.

Claire and Landon find out what Maddie's "house" is like!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Allergy Dr

I've waited such a long time to have someone give me answers about Landon's chronic runny nose. "He's teething", "He's a respiratory baby, always will be", "He'll grow out of it". These things were not cutting it, but I was getting nothing else. The day finally came that the doctor at the allergy and asthma clinic finally told me what I needed to hear: "You're not crazy or wrong at all, he has SEVERE allergies to weeds, grass and mites". If you've ever attended or undertaken a skin allergy test you know what it's like...they poke your back with a bunch of different allergens and then see if you welt up and get itchy. My poor baby cried when they pricked him, and then seconds (yes, literally seconds) later, he started crying again because he had already started itching. The welts on his back were so large on the outdoor prong of pricks (that's a description!) that the nurse had a hard time measuring them. The statement was made by both the nurse and the dr that he was pretty young to have already conjured up such bad allergies...and to make it worse, they will probably get worse before they get better! So armed with lots of information to absorb, drugs, and rules about where and when and what for Landon I left the Dr feeling better about myself; but feeling TERRIBLE for my little man. We'll put covers on his pillows and mattress to get rid of the dust mites, I'll start vacuuming every day, at least in his room, if not everywhere, and that's just for the one allergy. If he goes outside for long periods of time or is in the grass, he needs to come in, rinse off and change clothes to keep from having prolonged exposure to the outdoor allergens. If the drugs are still not working (we've added several more) then he'll have to start getting shots (yes plural). Two at time for days at a time until his immune system is built up, and then once a week. Overwhelming, for sure, but in a way, a huge relief!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A week of recovery...sort of!

Claire had Monday off from school, and I had big plans to go hiking or on a scavenger hunt or something fun. We did no such thing! We played, went to Walmart, picked out toys and wrapped them for the 4 (yes 4!) birthday parties we will be attending this weekend and rode bikes in the culdesac. Maddie was also played with...alot! So besides dance class, a trip to Chuck E Cheese for school, an alergist Dr. appt and playdate, we will recover this week after our busy weekend. And get ready for another busy weekend. Daddy's birthday is Friday (his is not in the weekend count), and the kids still haven't figured out what they want to do for him. Wish me luck with that one!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gram & Poppy's visit

Gram and Poppy are headed back to Kansas now, but we had lots of fun while they were here! They arrived Friday afternoon, we went and got Claire from school, played and then went to Doe's for dinner. Saturday we got up and enjoyed the cool morning air outside with a fire and some warm drinks, then we headed out for breakfast and then to the pumpkin patch. The afternoon was spent playing, resting and being outside before everyone sat down to relax and watch some TV...outside (Geoff's newest invention)! The family was up early again this morning, so we headed to the wildlife safari. We got to see lots of cool animals, and then got out and saw even more! Then it was time for them to head out. In between they made ghosts, read books, played with a special train Landon got for going in the "big boy" potty, painted pumpkins, played football and gave lots of lovin'! The kiddos were sad after Gram and Poppy left, but are now in a vegetative state on the couch watching TV, too exhausted to do much of anything!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A ride on the wild side

Besides breaking in a new puppy, which is going considerably well, we also have inherited a "big boy toy". Geoff is storing a Rhino (glorified golf cart) for one of his buddies in our garage. We get to take rides around the neighborhood, and Geoff takes the kids "through the fast grass" (as Landon calls the empty lots). We took some neighbors for rides last night and played until it got dark. Everyone went to bed early, anxiously awaiting Gram and Poppy's arrival!

PS: Maddie got her first bath at home last night...The kiddos thought this was the funniest thing ever! Maddie cooperated well and smells much better!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The end of the rainbow

Yesterday was a long and hectic day. Between two kiddos feeling bad, trying to get those kiddos to take medicine, a new puppy, and cleaning...I was pretty much done after dinner. Geoff called to tell me he was finally on his way home and to look out the window at the perfect rainbow. Then our neighbor Beth called to tell us the same thing! So I took the kiddos out, who ohhed and ahhed over the rainbow's "perfectness and colorfullness" (Claire). It really was perfect, you could see end to end, and then another rainbow appeared above it, which you could see end to end. I think this is the first rainbow Landon has actually seen. We've looked at a few, but I was never sure he actually saw what we were seeing. He stood there with his mouth open for a little bit and then said "Mommy, there are colors in the sky, it's beautiful!" They say you can find gold at the end of the rainbow, but I'm not looking, because my gold was right there with me looking at the sky.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Claire stayed home from school today with a low-grade fever and terrible cough she's had for several days. The doctor said it's probably bronchitis, and now Claire is on meds too! It's been quite the ride for the last week, in and out of the doctor office. We're not done yet...the kids have their flu vaccinations this week too! Hopefully, though, both will be healthy enough for the mist (goes up the nose) and there will be no tears over a shot like last year. We've had fun playing with Maddie, she only got up once last night, which was nice. And Landon is finally getting used to her, and has quit asking when Maddie is going home (not sure where that came from, maybe a little denial?). So hopefully no more illnesses, and only fun, for Gram and Poppy are coming to visit, Geoff's birthday is coming up and then the Hoopers' will be down for some time too!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our New Addition

Today Santa Claus brought the kids their Christmas present early. They kids have been asking for a puppy for sometime now and they wrote a note to Santa asking for one. Well, Santa found Maddie and could not wait until Christmas day to deliver her, so this afternoon a puppy was delivered!! Maddie is a miniature Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/mini-Poodle). The kids are having a blast and so are we! Enjoy the video.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a week of fun...

The book fair is going on at Claire's school this week. I went and helped with it and had the joy of trying to get kids to buy books that were age-appropriate (a daunting task with Hannah Montana and Star Wars books everywhere!). Anyway, Claire LOVES this concept: The library is full of books she can actually keep! So she got money to buy some things, and actually bought books that were right for her...and not even any "junk" that is also available. Landon went potty at school Tuesday, on the potty!!!!! The teachers were just as excited as I was, and he got a reward, which has prompted him to want to go back to school Friday. (This is highly unusual considering it takes the entire staff to pry him off of me while I'm trying to leave!) But while at school, Landon's cough-I-was-hoping-was-a-cold, got worse. We went to the Dr. yesterday and he has pneumonia. It's mild and hopefully will go away quickly...if I could just get him to take his meds! The Dr, actually PA, also directly pursued the allergy/respiratory problems Landon's had since birth and finally we were referred to an allergist, have two new meds to try to control it until then and a happy Momma now that someone finally listened!!!! So, today we are going to take "Sonic" to Claire at lunch and eat with her and then hopefully get a playdate in before going to bed EARLY!!!
Claire and Landon had a "Book Fair" of their own the other day while playing outside!