Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recital Time

You Can't Stop the Beat (tap)
Happy Little Working Song (ballet) Yes that is a toilet brush in her hand. This song is from the movie "Enchanted" and is sung while the lead actress is cleaning. We had to go all out!

Ahhh, the dance recital. One every year of my life since I can remember. And some even that I can't! It never gets old. Love watching my Claire-bear become a performer! These pics are from rehearsal so they aren't the best. She did these two dances plus all of her company numbers minus one.

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

Singing the "Atootietah" song.
"I want to be a race car driver!"

The Dr. Suess book in the title was how Landon's preschool graduation started. The teachers read a part of that book to their students, which was appropriate with what some of these kiddos wanted to be when they grow up! Each child was called to the front individually as the teacher read an interview they'd had with them. Landon said he was going to be a race car driver...because he likes to race! He also said his favorite thing about school was getting to play Legos with his friends. The classes sang a couple songs and recited a bible verse while using sign language. The kids also did the alphabet together, and said a piece of information about the letter they were holding. Landon had the letter I and said his line perfectly! The closing of the ceremony was a picture-video of the class. My baby grew up so much over the course of a school year! I can't believe Kindergarten is our next step. In fact, Landon and I were visiting about just that this morning. I told him Kansas has half-day Kindergarten so he wouldn't eat lunch at school. He grinned at me and said "Mommy, you'll get another year to eat fish sticks and spaghetti O's with me then!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Child's Love

I am blessed. Not only do I have wonderful children, I have a husband who helps those children show love in the most wonderful ways. Although I was awakened early Mother's Day by my son, it was with a sweet kiss and an offer to "cuddle on the couch" while he watched TV. Daddy took care of breakfast and let the kids play with the neighbors. After lunch we headed out to the craft fair by the creek. The point of this trip was for more kettle corn (I had shopped Saturday with friends and brought some home) but we left with a truck full of goodies! The kids played in the creek for awhile and ate their popcorn too. That evening I was treated to dinner at Does. Where were the gifts you say? Well, Saturday while I shopped, Daddy took the kids shopping too. They decided to buy a frame and picked pictures of themselves to put in it. While shopping for themselves they also found and bought the Michael Jackson Experience XBox game for me. These were both wonderful surprises as I had already told Geoff I was headed to get a mani-pedi this week and not to worry about gifts. The kids were so excited to give their gifts, it just melted my heart! The best gift, however, is their unconditional love. Just now I was putting a song on Landon's ipod. He crawled up in my lap, gave me a big squeeze and said "I love you Mom. You're the bestest Mom and I know a lot of them!". Like I said...I am blessed.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Landon - TEE BALL

Finally! No rain...No wind...just sunshine and a great day for ball!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Next on the Agenda?

As the last of the April showers left us, and there were LOTS of them, I realized that May will bring lots of bittersweet endings (excuse me as a tear rolls down my cheek!). Our family will become Kansans once again this summer, and therefore alot of things that happen in the next month will have more significance than they might have if we weren't moving. Landon will graduate from Preschool, which would have happened anyway, but he's graduating from a preschool that has cared for and taught both my children all 5 years we've lived here. Claire's dance recital will be the last one with all her friends, and with a fantastic dance studio that will be missed beyond words. Field days, tee ball games, birthday parties, and special playdates will round out the schedule. And although all these things will have replacements when we move, and be just as wonderful, it's hard to say goodbye. But now we talk about all the fun things we will do with our family...no more special events or important dates missed. This brings a smile to all our faces. And so, let the bittersweetness begin as a new chapter is started in the Daniel family's lives.

Just Living the Dream

Fun with the Symons'. Geoff went to Virginia and was gone over Easter. So the kids and I celebrated the Resurrection of Christ with our extended family!
Our Easter basket cake. It poured rain in Northwest Arkansas for 5 days straight. Easter was not excluded. So we got creative after the Easter bunny visited.
Claire with her "big sis" from dance. Claire's smile was crooked because she'd just had a cracked filling fixed. She was so embarrassed!
Easter egg hunt at preschool.
Hiking with Mommy at Tanyard Creek. We were both VERY disappointed this day because the waterfall had dried up. This hike was obviously before the flood waters came the next week!

Prom with Sara. Our "niece" looked gorgeous! Claire got to come with Beth and I to the special park where all the prom-goers take pictures. She saw several other girls she knew from dance. Claire was in heaven!!!

Claire's Birthday "Spring Fling"

Claire wanted cupcakes made by Mommy instead of a bought cake.
Painted pots.
The four divas posing before heading into the pool.

We finally celebrated Claire's birthday a few weeks late. It was the first Friday nite that all the "important" friends could all get together. These four girls and myself stayed at the Doubletree Hotel overnight. We themed the party "spring fling" and decorated flower pots, made tissue paper flowers and decorated straw bags that became goodie bags. The girls swam in the hotel pool, ate pizza, watched a movie and then all went to the nail salon for mani's and pedi's the next morning. They all had a great time, and I really enjoyed playing with four sweet and polite girls. I also loved not having to clean up afterwards!!!!