Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daddy's New Office

Geoff has been hard at work designing and supervising the creation of the new Jarden building here in Bentonville. He finally got his day in the sun yesterday, with an open house. Landon and I were able to go over for lunch, which was catered by the builder, and watch as Daddy hob-knobbed with lots of people. We came back a little later, after most of the excitement had gone down, with Claire, so she could bask in the glory too. Then we went out to eat with another family. Even after all that, the kiddos were up bright and early this morning with one thing on their minds: planting flowers. So by 8:00 we were outside and planning where all the plants would go. They were pretty good helpers until the water hose came out; then they pretty much were just getting themselves (and the dog) wet. They were hilarious to watch and were having so much fun! But here's the kicker: We went in the back yard to plant my BIG pots full of petunias and 5 mice had decided to make their home in one of them! The kids were helping me try to figure out a way to get them out when one jumped up and over the side and went scurrying through the yard. Both kids screamed like girls and went running inside. Mommy was laughing so hard I didn't notice at first that they came back out armed with tongs, a mixing bowl and a lid. I, of course, started laughing again and then asked what they planned to do with these things. Claire says "Okay, Mom, so you grab the mouse with the tongs and put it in the bowl. I will quickly put the lid on and we'll throw it over the fence. Problem solved. (large grin)". Then Landon says "I'm just going to watch and tell you when I see one...they kinda freak me out." Needless to say, we never caught one in the tongs, but still have several in the pot somewhere. Big excitement for us!

Monday, April 20, 2009

French Fries for Breakfast

Although this may sound like a cute title for a children's book, this is actually what my son is eating right now, for breakfast! He asked for Froot Loops, which we are out of, then he asked for cake, which we do not have, and with a roll of the eyes and a sigh Landon says "I guess I'll just have french fries and ketchup, mom!". Okay, so I guess if you are going to eat carbs and starch, which is a normal breakfast for Landon, it can pretty much come in any form, right?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wet and Wild Fun

The kids at the pool party.

The train ride, Irish dancers and the Flooded Mine.
Friday evening, Claire (and Landon) attended a birthday party for Claire's friend, Blair. It was a pool party, and the kiddos had a blast! Saturday morning, amidst the threat of rain, we decided to drive to Branson to spend the day at Silver Dollar City. We rode rides and saw a show with Irish Dancers, which was actually our way of getting out of the downpour that started. It cleared up for a while, and then it happened again! It was actually a pretty good thunderstorm that came through and so they shut down the City. We decided to go into Branson to find something to do. We decided on Dixie Stampede. Landon and Claire were both totally entertained by the live animals and fast-moving games that were played. Not to mention getting to eat with their fingers! Claire was chosen to twirl a lasso during one of the songs; she did an awesome job! Sadly, there are no pics of this, the camera battery died before we made it out of the City. It rained most of the way home, and was storming when we arrived at our door. Although we all got a little wetter than hoped, the kids are still talking about the fun they had!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little down time

We've been hard at it this week...playdates, school, dance pics, etc. So this evening I was loving listening to my sweet babies enjoy some down time together while I cleaned up from dinner. Claire was reading a book to Landon and they were both really into it. Exhaustion may have something to do with that too! A couple other things:
Claire had pictures Tuesday for dance recital. Yes, it's that time again. She looked so cute and was quite the model. On the drive home Claire stated "Wearing makeup makes me beautiful, but I'm ready to just be pretty now. We can take this stuff off as soon as we get home, right?". Never I'd hear those words come out of this diva's mouth!
Landon and I were playing around this morning while he was eating his breakfast, which consisted of dry Froot Loops. I left to go to do something when I hear "Mommy, come quick!". Of course I came running. Landon goes "Watch this!". He proceeds to put a Froot Loop between his toes, roll over on his back on the floor and put this Froot Loop in his mouth...from his toes. He was very proud. I was a laughing hysterically.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter this morning with Easter baskets, Sunday services and no electricity! We started the morning hunting for the kiddos Easter baskets left by the Easter Bunny. They each found their loot and were pleasantly surprised to see they got just what they wanted...Monster trucks and an ipod base for the bedroom. Then we dressed up and went to church in the pouring rain. The church elders served breakfast and then had an Easter egg hunt in the narthex of the church (since it was still pouring rain). The kiddos then processed into church with the choir and sang along "Christ the Lord is Risen Today". Both Claire and Landon stood up and sang; they sounded, um, great. Anyway, after church we came home, in the pouring rain, to no electricity. About 30 minutes later, and after eating pizza heated up on the stove, we saw the light and have been back in business. We will soon go to the Symons' house to celebrate some more with yummy food and good friends. We hope you all have a blessed Easter and most importantly remember...He is risen!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggs to Color, Eggs to Find

Yes, there is a difference, according to my children. We colored eggs yesterday evening. Bright colors, stickers, glitter, even some wraps that shrink to the egg when put in boiling water (thanks Gram!). But these eggs are only to color and then admire, not for hiding and finding. I asked them when we had finished if they wanted me to go hide them. The response: "No way, these are way too pretty and too much work, get out the plastic ones and we'll find those!". Okay so now our beautiful eggs are in the fridge, probably never to be seen again! PS: I hard-boiled these eggs. Landon thought this was the coolest thing he'd ever seen...eggs he could plop in the color and wouldn't break!

After re-mulching all of our landscaping today, we went to the neighborhood "spring fling" where there was a bounce house, tatoos, bubbles and an egg hunt. The kiddos had fun playing with their friends, bouncing and bubbling. But, I think yard work tuckered everyone's 8:00 and everyone is already asleep!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Spirit

We woke up this morning to chilly weather and a howling wind (no we were NOT in KS), so it was sort of hard to get into the pre-Easter spirit. We celebrated Palm Sunday at church and the kiddos enjoyed waving their palms in the procession and learning the story. We came home and snuggled for awhile, but they got restless. After about 7 egg hunts in the house, Landon and I decided we should bake cookies. Claire quickly joined in. For some reason, this baking session was very serious. We talked about why too much flour makes the cookies tough, why Mommy uses food coloring to make pretty frosting, and that there IS such as a thing as too many sprinkles! As you can see, most of the cookies turned out fabulous; it just felt funny making Easter cookies when it looked like it might snow outside!

Also this weekend: We had two birthday parties. One was a roller skating party and Claire finally got the nerve and just did it all herself. She had a couple of hard spills, but was super proud as we left the rink. We also got to together with the Symons' family to plan our soon-to-become annual trip to Gulf Shores. We are so excited! The kids especially, because when I put Landon to bed last night he asked: "Will we go to the beach tomorrow?".

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin', It's LOVE!

I try to blog most of the firsts for my babies. So this is no exception. Claire received her first "love note" from a boy at school today. Now mind you, this boy, Jacob, and Claire have been best friends since the first day. But somehow that friendship has blossomed into more. (Jackson and Jason, hold on to your socks!) I wish I knew how to scan in a picture of it, but I'll do my best to describe it.
It's a piece of typing paper folded in half. On the front, inside a big heart it says "Dear Claire". On the inside it says "I will love you forever, Love, Jacob". There is a picture of two people with a C on one and J on the other with 6 hearts between them. On the back it says "Did you like it if so then check the box" with a box below the words. How cute it that?!?!? Although Daddy was not convinced, because the box was checked!!!

Landon heard Claire tell me this morning: "Mom, I don't love you...April Fools!". So he started saying it all day. I'd hear a voice "Mommy?". "What?", I'd say. "I don't love you, but April Fools!", and then intense giggling. Every time, however, he would run up and hug me and later he said "I really do love you, is April Fools almost over?". So sweet!