Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Pics

 Crazy Hair Day at school...they are both painted purple.
 Landon's pumpkin for the decorating contest at school.  This is a remake from last year, but he loved it so much he wanted to make it again!
 Claire's pumpkin.  That is candy corn hot glued all over...
 Crazy Sock Day at school...Claire had on stripes and decided they were too itchy and I got a phone call from Geoff on the way to school that Landon needed different socks and shoes.  Obviously sock day was not a hit!  And I have to point out that they are both holding money for the book fair.  I love that my kids love books!
 Decorated pumpkin stack at a park near the kids' school.  It was so cool we had to get out and take some pics!
Autumn in the park...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Hooper's Visit

After a quick visit from Nana and Papa on Tuesday evening...Hoopy, Ling, Goose and Bug (aka: the Hooper's) arrived in NWA Friday afternoon.  The cousins were so excited to see each other, and immediately started playing together as if they hadn't been apart.  Friday evening we enjoyed dinner together and s'mores afterwards.  Everyone had fun roasting their marshmallows and making the s'mores; although I'm not sure how many actual s'mores were eaten.  All the parts separately seemed to be much more fun!  Saturday morning we all watched Landon play football, and win!  He ran for a touchdown, and almost made a second at the end of the game!  Landon decided the Hooper family was his lucky charm.  Saturday afternoon was more playing:   inside, outside, every-side!  We went to our favorite pizza joint for dinner.  After a few tears and sad faces, the Hooper family headed home Sunday morning.  This house, without the cousins, is quiet and "BOOORRRIINNNGG" according to Claire!  Good times...good memories!  Thanks for coming to see us Hoopers!
 Enjoying some s'mores!
 Landon the marshmallow roasting technician!
 The girls roasting their 'mallows.
 Landon and his flaming marshmallow!  Maybe not such a technician...
 Girls relaxing in the theatre room watching some TV.
The gang watching the pizza maker throw the pizza dough.

The Boys of Fall

Landon's football season is coming to a close.  What a season, although this week was their first win as a team; it's been a fun season!  Landon has improved so much, and learned how to be a teammate and be a good sport.  Here are a few of our favorite pics from this season, he is number 8.
 Each player is announced over a loud speaker as they run through a tunnel of family and friends.
 Playing quarterback...where is spent the majority of his time this season.
 Passing the ball...him and his teammate, Lane, make lots of connections!
 Getting ready for a long snap.
Playing defense...the idea behind this football league is to become familiar with all areas of the game.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Few Pictures

 So yes, this is taken from Facebook...I couldn't get it to work any other way.  Claire was in the Bentonville Public Schools weekly newsletter two weeks ago.
 We celebrated her birthday with our good friend, Beth Symons, by releasing 50 balloons into the air.
The kids with their loot from Daddy's trip to Canada.  No stuffed animal collection is complete without a moose!

Gram & Poppy Visit

This is a VERY late blog, but Gram and Poppy came to visit the last weekend in Sept.  They arrived in time to pick up the kids, who had no idea they were coming.  Their faces were priceless!  We spent the afternoon doing halloween crafts provided by Gram.  Everyone watched Landon's football game the next morning, and then a movie that afternoon.  In between we wandered the farmers market downtown and the Walmart museum.  Board games were enjoyed that night.  After church and some mexican food Sunday, they left for home.  It was, as always, a good time!

At It Again...

So I'm making blogging a priority again.  Plus it's pouring rain, I need to get out and run errands, and I have a house to clean...so of course I should do this first!  hahaha  Anyway, here are a few updates.  I've been horrible about taking pictures lately, but at least a few good stories will keep me going.

*  Claire has started taking piano lessons.  Landon has been taking now for several months, and is getting good at actually playing some very short songs.  He was really enjoying it until Claire took her first lesson and played a song WAY longer than any of his...her first day.  See where this is going?  He's still hanging in there, mostly because Mommy keeps telling him he has to learn the theory part whether he plays piano now or drums next year; which is his goal.

*  We have enjoyed hosting friends for dinner most weekends for the last month.  Unless family is here to visit (see next blog).  Re-acquainting ourselves has been a fun experience.

*  I am practically living at the kids school right now.  Between PTO and field trips, it's non-stop!  I really enjoy being around the children and helping out where I can.  This school is different from our other Bentonville school, with more working moms and only half the size.  My children like it a lot and seem to have adjusted easily.

*  Football is coming to a close with only 3 games left.  Landon has improved this year, and says he's ready for helmet and pads next year.  YIKES!  Landon has also improved at school...he is reading at the top of his class and is disappointed daily that they haven't started subtraction facts in his classroom yet!

*  Claire is dancing three days a week, and still loves every minute.  She has very little homework this year, which has made the dance schedule a lot easier.  She still has to read every day, and now practice piano, but she seems to get that all accomplished.