Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did I Miss Something?

I have quite a few coupons from some of my favorite kid's clothing stores. So I have done a little shopping in the last couple days. The children have been subjected to this, with surprising enthusiasm. Claire has finally decided she can look cute and be comfortable at the same time, and therefore shopping has become a lot easier with her. Landon has become very opinionated about what goes on his T-shirts (which is the only thing he picks out) and is quite amusing to watch as he makes his decisions. After shopping this morning, just little man and I, Landon looks up at me and says "Momma, did I miss something? Why are you buying jeans when it's hot? It's too hot to wear pants!" The cashier at Belk found this as funny as I did. I explained the reasoning behind "school shopping", and he wasn't convinced. "I REALLY DID miss something here" he was saying to himself as we walked out of the store.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Time in KS

The zoo tram.

Inside the bear cage (the kids crawled through a tunnel that came out in the bear cage where they could be face to face with the bear...well kinda, cause the bear was asleep in the corner!)

Feeding ducks and Poppy gets schooled in ipod.

The kids and I spent some time with Gram and Poppy last week. Although Poppy just had a hip replaced not 3 weeks ago, he's up and around and havin' a good time with the kiddos. During our trip we did lots of fun things including riding Barney, fishing in the pond, visiting Gram's patients at the hospital, and playing tee ball. We went to the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure Friday. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the animals and just be outside. Landon's favorite was the white tiger while Claire enjoyed the animals she could feed (goats, rabbits, etc). We also got to ride a tram around the large zoo, which was a highlight for everyone. Saturday evening we celebrated Unkie's (Fred) 30th birthday. A few of his friends came over and had dinner and visited into the night. My kiddos enjoyed entertaining and then catching fireflies galore at twilight (we don't have but 3 fireflies in our neighborhood, so this was great fun). Sunday after church we went to the umbrella pool (Hillsboro Aquatic Center) and played for several hours. Landon fell asleep while we were there, but Claire was a regular fish and enjoyed showing off her underwater skills for Gram and Poppy. We came home Monday to rainy weather, but it's been nice to relax after a several days jam-packed full of fun. Thanks Gram and Poppy for an eventful and unforgettable time!
One other thing:
As we were driving home Monday, it started pouring huge raindrops. Landon says "Mom, can't you turn that rain down?" Before I could say anything, Claire responded with "You have to pray to God, he's in control of the rain."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Talking, Talking, Snoring

I was cuddling with Landon as he was drinking his nightly cup of milk (I know, I know, bad for the teeth, but a hard habit to break!) and he started telling me about what I think is a gumball machine. We are going to KS tomorrow to visit my mom and dad and there is a gumball machine at the Parson's gas station that the kids love. Anyway, he first asked me if I was stocked up on quarters (those exact words) and I told him yes. Then he was telling me how he'll put the quarter in the slot, turn the handle and watch the gumball go around and around and....nothing. He fell asleep mid-thought! Mouth open and snoring after about 30 seconds. I had to leave the room before I woke him up from my laughing! I guess when you're sleepy, it doesn't matter if you get the gumball in the end!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taking it a little easy...

We've been taking it a little easy this week. Maddie was our first priority early in the week; she started sneezing pretty bad and then suddenly had a rash and an ear infection all at the same time. She's better now, and back to her half-crazed self. The kiddos had Jesus Crew at church Tuesday and Wednesday was Landon's Gymboree camp. In between we've had a couple playdates and trips to the pool. It's been much cooler this week, although the humidity is high. Claire is at cheerleading camp now and then we plan on spending the afternoon running errands. We've also finally gotten a chance to go the library and partake in some of their activities and shows. We saw the balloon man yesterday and will hopefully get back tomorrow to do a craft. Okay, so that sounds like we've been pretty busy, but we really have just been kickin' back and havin' some fun! I hope all our family and friends in KS are recovering from the terrible hail storm last night, I feel your pain!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Legend Lives On...

Headed to the launch site...booms are better with headphones!
(You will probably have to click the dark pic...I can't get it any lighter without distorting it. It's a pic of some of the guys with their fireworks headed out to the field in the ranger, with a table on top for the launch pad.)


Water fun...the kids and I made a flag cake together.

Yummy popsicles!

Every fourth of July, my husband and some other neighborhood "men" try to out-do the last year's independence day festivities. This year was like no other...we had twice the people as last year. We did it block party style. They decided to shoot the "big" fireworks off in the field, to keep people safer (crazy, I know). And we had more fun than ever before! We ate some wonderful BBQ, the kids had a blast in the backyard of the closest house with their own personal water park, and then the fireworks started off with a BANG, and immediately those who were in, were all in! The display was spectacular, not to mention exciting! Overall a great time!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

Sara shot the fireworks picture.

Men and their alcohol, not usually blog material, but a funny shot!

We started celebrating our nation's independence early with a little get together last night. The Symons' and the Biggers (also neighbors) came over for some food and fun. The kiddos played, the adults laughed and then we shot off some fireworks as a little preview for tonight. We woke up to rain here in NWA...but hopefully it will clear off before our block party this evening. Note the pictures...YEA!! Hope you all have an exciting and safe Fourth! Other things from the week:
* Landon had his first day at Gymboree Day Camp. He had a blast! They have three different classes...this week it was world culture, where they talked about Guatamala, school skills, where they talked about America and the flag, and then sports class. He even got to eat lunch in Gymbo's house (that's what the play area is called)! He was such a big boy when we got there and left with the teacher and his buddies without looking back.
* We went over to Springdale and bought some fireworks from Claire's KG teacher and her family. They sell them every year. It was fun to see her again and Claire had lots of stories to tell her. The kiddos also enjoyed getting to go behind the tables and peer in the fireworks boxes and help put them out on the table.