Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another School Year Begins

I have a 2nd grader and a middle schooler...how did this happen?!?!  Both were excited to start a new year. Landon is attending Thomas Jefferson Elementary school again this year. He's off to a great a start with his buddy from last year in his class this year. Claire is in 5th grade which is at the middle school here. She switches classes and has a "schedule". She made the choir and is running for Student Council. She is loving it all!  She has lots of neighborhood friends there with her. Ready to rock this year!
Landon ready to go!
Claire in her home room. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gram and Poppy Time

The kids and I spent several days in Kansas with Gram and Poppy. We of course stayed very busy!  I'll let the pictures tell the story for this trip. 
Poppy and Gram bought a BB gun and a bow and arrows for the kids. Both of them enjoyed aiming for the target, and became quite good at it too. Unkie got in on the fun later in the weekend with Landon. 
Of course we did some fishing!  Like Landon's hat?  It was his first thrift shop buy. 
Twilight on the pond.  Gram and Landon accomplished a feat never before seen; they both caught the same fish at the same time!  
We visited the Rolling Hills zoo and museum. The museum had life-size animals from different regions. It was quite impressive!
There were also penguins at the zoo!  And not just these two cuties!
We went to the county fair too. Watched some sheep, rode some rides and the kids enjoyed their first rodeo...in the rain. They didn't care, they had new cowboy hats to keep them dry!
The cousins came out to visit too. The kids played in the pool among other things. Love this pic!

End of the Summer

Our last few summer days were filled with fun with friends, and a little family time too. Landon is getting ready to start football practice with pads. Scary!!!  But he's excited. Claire had a swim party to get to know all the members of her new dance team. They all bonded and the moms did too!  Our family enjoyed a day at the fair with a couple neighbor friends. This worked out well...Geoff and I didn't have to ride the rides!  The kids and I played some mini golf one of the days it was unseasonably cool. And our family enjoyed Frozen Tung (snocones) and a trip to see the "Bucky Ball" at the Crystal Bridges art museum one evening.  We have started back to school (that's another post) and are ready for the schedules to begin!
Landon in his football gear
Dance Company
Tilt a whirl with the neighbors
Playing miniature golf. 
The Bucky ball
Self portrait at the Bucky Ball. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sport Camps

Landon attended a baseball camp with the NWA Naturals. He had a blast learning from Naturals players on their field. Landon also attended a football camp with the Bentonville High School
players and coaches.  For two days he ran drills and scrimmaged with the big boys. 
Baseball-playing kids warming up. 
Ready to play!
Practicing stances. 
Agility course. 

Big Cedar Lodge

Our family spent an extended weekend with the Jones family at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson the weekend of Fourth of July. We've known the Jones family since both our daughters were born and have been friends since. The children are close in age and the adults share Coleman history so it's never a dull moment. We had a wonderful time relaxing and playing. 
Boys playing checkers. 
Sweet girls at dinner. We ate on sight at the restaurants all but one evening. They were fabulous!
Picture of the governors suite that we shared. It was amazing. 
Kiddos tie-dying tshirts. There were lots of fun activities to do besides swimming, mini golf and a lazy river. 
We rented a boat one day and spent several hours on Table Rock Lake. The kids enjoyed swimming and sunning. 

Summer trip to Kansas

The whole family and the dog loaded up to visit the family in Kansas. We spent several days with Gram and Poppy and then several days with Nana and Papa. Of course all the cousins were present and played with at both places!  We had tons of fun and are planning another trip before school starts!
Wheat weaving with Gram. Harvest was happening while we were there and both kids got to ride with Uncle Frank while he hauled the grain from the field to the grain elevator. 
Fishing on Poppy's pond. We actually caught a few! ( Well Unkie did)
Charlotte and Claire at the farm. 
Ranger rides!
Belated birthday presents for Lucy and Laney. 
Paddleboard fun on the lake with the cousins, Papa and Maddie dog. 
Goin for a ride with Papa. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Laid back summer fun

Lunch with neighbor friends before bowling. 
Launching the bowling ball!
Biking in the neighborhood and found a weed as big as the little man. 
Swimming at neighborhood pool. 
Sno-come stand at a friend's house. They actually made some money!
Late evening golf cart rides with the neighbors. Realize my kids aren't visible in this picture. But they're in there!
More bowling!