Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer trip to Kansas

The whole family and the dog loaded up to visit the family in Kansas. We spent several days with Gram and Poppy and then several days with Nana and Papa. Of course all the cousins were present and played with at both places!  We had tons of fun and are planning another trip before school starts!
Wheat weaving with Gram. Harvest was happening while we were there and both kids got to ride with Uncle Frank while he hauled the grain from the field to the grain elevator. 
Fishing on Poppy's pond. We actually caught a few! ( Well Unkie did)
Charlotte and Claire at the farm. 
Ranger rides!
Belated birthday presents for Lucy and Laney. 
Paddleboard fun on the lake with the cousins, Papa and Maddie dog. 
Goin for a ride with Papa. 

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