Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

It started yesterday afternoon. And the ice is still coming down as I type this. It's more like sleet now, but everything is covered. The temp has fallen throughout the day, and although it's still 24, that's cold enough! The kids did not have school today, which was fine with me. Here are a few pics of what it looks like right now. I have a feeling I'll be taking more later with even more accumulation!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dog walking and haircuts

Random title, I know. Friday after school, Claire, Landon and I took Maddie for a walk as the cold front was coming into our area. It started getting windy and cold as we rounded the home stretch, so the kids started running. Maddie, of course, goes faster than them both and pulled Claire down. She scraped up her hand and her knee. She was brave, but her brother was so sweet. As soon as we got into the house he ran to the bathroom to get her a band aid and put it on her knee for her. Then as soon as they were uncloaked and Claire had changed her clothes, Claire gave Landon a huge hug and kiss. Notice how proud Landon's face is! This morning we all got up and got haircuts. Claire enjoys going because she gets pampered and curled and primped. Landon enjoys going, finally, because Daddy takes him to wear he can watch TV (Sports Clips). Now everyone is coiffed and ready for church tomorrow!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The bug returns...

Our family has had the stomach bug this week. Claire had gotten sick Sunday in the middle of the night. But by Monday noon she was back to herself and even begging for Wendy's for lunch. I passed it off as too much of Daddy's yummy steak Sunday evening and went about my business. Tuesday, Landon acted funny, but I thought he was just tired. We didn't go to dance that evening because I felt like Claire probably needed to rest after being sick and I really was just not in the mood to spend the evening there. Thank goodness, because Landon got sick that evening, and all night. Poor guy, he was miserable...but he was a fighter! Wednesday morning, as I was getting up to get Claire ready for school, I got sick. Geoff woke to me being sick and Claire wondering how she'd make it to school. Luckily, we carpool and that wonderful mom picked up the slack. Geoff came home Wednesday night from work feeling bad. Now, I never know how to take him with the "sicky" thing. He predicts these things upon himself and I think sometimes if he'd just move on he wouldn't get sick. But he was just SURE he had it too. I sent him to bed...I figured if he did have it, he'd need the rest and if he didn't, then I wouldn't be peeved at him (I know, I'm such a compassionate wife!). Well, needless to say he had it too. By Thursday afternoon, all but Geoff were in working order, so I took the kiddos to a playdate, a Walmart run and then McDonalds with a playplace to work off some of their cooped-up energy. Geoff got up this morning feeling better and went to work. Now it's my turn to get some rest!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A good project

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for "kid projects". We do crafts, bake, organize, create...whatever happens to be "cool" at the time with the kids. So when Ling gave Claire a potholder loom for Christmas, I was ready. However, time restraints had caused us to put this project aside, until this last week. Claire is a natural and enjoys picking colors. She also does all the weaving. Mommy has to finish the last two edges, but generally Claire is the mastermind. Now Claire and I are all about finding other things to do with the loom...and you would not believe the endless possibilities. Projects, here we come!!!!
PS Yes she is naked, I caught her in the middle of changing into her wedding dress for the "inauguration ceremony, mom".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day

I got up this morning, turned on the news and started getting ready for the day. It is my turn to take the girls to school, so I get ready before I get anyone else up. As I'm getting ready to turn off the TV and awake Claire, they announce that school has been cancelled. I do a double take, change the channel to find out for sure, check the website to find out for sure, and call the mom I carpool with to find out for sure. Yep, it's official, we are having a snow day. But wait! There is barely a dusting of snow on the ground! Everyone I've talked to this morning, and there has been a lot, is a little confused as to why we are having a snow day, and why they waited until 6:50am to decide it! (One mom said "You're not in Kansas anymore!") Anyway, we are making the most of it. We obviously didn't get to sleep in, which is usually a perk to snow days, so we've been busy already. The kids crawled in Claire's bed with a bunch of stuffed animals and watched some cartoons they don't usually get to see, then we made hot chocolate and some cookies. Then we made some bird feeders out of bread, peanut butter and bird feed. Now it's time to just relax a little bit before we head to Mommy's bible study and then for a play date at the library this PM. The other bummer of the day...no snow to play in (note the outside pic)! Although it's bitterly cold outside and we probably wouldn't have done much of that regardless. Hope your day has been as interesting as ours!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birds Aflame

We had a dusting of snow this morning that happened as the kids were getting ready for school. They were watching it "float and flutter" (Claire) down to the ground, and of course it's sticking because it's VERY cold outside. Anyway, after we dropped Claire off, Landon and I were watching the birds skirting around eating at our bird feeders in the back yard. When the birds would land or take off from the fence Landon would exclaim "That bird's on fire!". I would just giggle, thinking he meant they were moving quickly, but soon he said "See the smoke Mommy?". When the birds would move on the fence, the snow on the fence would scatter around them looking like smoke. Quite an observation from my child...it must have been a miracle none of them burned up!

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year Weekend

I hope this weekend is the omen of our new year...because it was lots of fun! Busy, but fun! We had two birthday parties Saturday, and they were active ones, so the kids stayed tired! Saturday evening our friend Sara watched the kids while we went out with her parents, the Symons and enjoyed dinner and drinks (and a little guitar hero!). Sunday we were up early for the start of Sunday School, which I'm helping with now. After church and lunch we came home and then Geoff turned around and went back to help with Youth Group at church. Landon went to see Miss Beth and watch the Steelers win, and Claire and I went to Fayetteville to see the Wizard of Oz, the musical on stage! It was wonderful and I would highly recommend it to adults and older children alike. Even if it's not in your favorite movie list, this musical is an adaptation of the book and movie combined, and leaves you with a good feeling as it ends. Claire loved the production and completely clinged to every word said and sung. It's so neat to watch a child experience such a show...and then listen to her rendition of the whole thing when she tells her Daddy about it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The "real" guitar heros

Landon got a pretend guitar for Christmas. This has been a favorite, but only when he can "rock and roll" to "good" music. The kiddos were showing off their skills last night before dinner and even went with a little bit of an 80's rocker look by adding a headband. They were laughing at each other so hard by the end...it was hilarious!

Another tidbit from Tuesday evening in the truck on the way home from dance:
Mommy: "So Landon, are you ready for your big kid classes at Gymboree?"
Landon: "Yep, and I won't cry."
Mommy: "What about trying something else new, like karate?"
Landon: "I don't like karate...just Gymbo."
Claire: "Mommy, I want to try something new. Like gymnastics."
Landon: "Yeah, I want to do g-nastics too."
Mommy: "Landon do you know what gymnastics is?"
Landon: "Yep...when you get to run and jump and sit on things. It's way better than karate!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Bed

Mommy gave both kiddos new PJ's with matching robes for Christmas. They have been a novelty around here! Landon's is Transformers and Claire's is High School Musical. Landon wore his one morning around the house, then, after getting dressed, wore it outside over his clothes! Claire keeps telling me "Mom, it's just perfect; you know me really well". They look so cute in them, all cuddled up brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed that I had to just take a quick pic! (Notice Claire's foot; posing even in the bathroom.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

I wanna pickle!

Landon has had to start over with the potty training. Between traveling and being sick, he's regressed. Today we have started fresh, and actually he's done very well. However, I was trying to come up with a good bribe to keep it going...so I asked him. "I wanna pickle" was the response I got! That's what he got, and is eating right now for going number 2 on the potty. Yeah for us both...I like pickles too!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Pics

Mommy got Guitar Hero World Tour. Wait, I haven't even gotten to try the drums!

Landon could hardly wait to open more presents.
Claire is now officially a rock star!

Daddy and Landon have some Hokie time after silly Santa brought Daddy some new bibs.
Uncle Frank and Landon in their matching jackets.

Landon knew it was a big truck before he even got it open!
Claire showing off some of her goodies.

The cousins had fun playing in Papa's garage... painting and throwing balls!

Maddie endured the Kansas wind!


Claire was off school the whole week of Christmas. We baked, played and prepped for the long two weeks ahead. It was nice to have both kids around to hang out with...we don't do that as often now that Claire is in school all day long.
On Christmas Eve our family opened presents from each other. Claire and Landon each received toys from each other and Mom and Dad got various gifts too! Then we went to our friends, the Symons'. We opened more presents and then enjoyed a yummy dinner together. We also all went to Christmas Eve service at church together before calling it a night.
Christmas morning the kiddos woke up to Santa presents galore, each of them getting the Nintendo DS's they'd asked for, as well as other loot! As soon as each present was looked over, we packed up in the truck and drove to my parent's house. We did Christmas with them, Unkie, Staci and Uncle Frank that evening. Silly Santa even made a visit! We spent the next couple of days playing, riding Barney and watching it snow.
We went to Geoff's parent's house Saturday evening, and celebrated Christmas with them and the Hooper's. We spent several days in Wichita so the cousins could play, as well as visiting with friends we hadn't seen in a while.
We came home the day before New Year's Eve. Cleaning, laundry, putting away toys, and then prepping for a New Year's Eve party filled the next day. We hosted a party with the Symons' on New Year's Eve. It was all neighbors, and the kiddos were invited too (this was interesting). It was a great time, and a great group to ring the New Year in with.
You would think that January 1st would finally include some down time, but instead Landon was up early. So I took down Christmas, and had it pretty much done before Geoff even rolled out of bed. Yesterday evening we watched the Hokie's finally win a bowl game (Go VT!!), and then slept in this morning.
It's beautiful in Bentonville today, so we went to the mall and the park and took Ranger rides. I am now tired reliving our last two weeks, but smiling in the midst because of the good times with family and friends. That's what this season is all about! I will be adding pics as soon as it's finished importing...300 at once takes awhile!