Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3's Preschool Graduation

Singing the alligator song.
Counting backwards to blast-off!

Landon's preschool class had a "graduation" program to finish out their year as "3's". Although they still have another week of school (make-ups for the ice days), they were prepped and ready to complete their year and move on up in the world of preschool. There was no pomp and circumstance, or hats for that matter. Just mostly showing off their mad skills they had acquired. Counting, rhyming, and saying the pledge of allegiance were a few of those skills. They also sang several songs. Landon was so cute, and knew every word and action to everything they performed. I didn't cry, or even get emotional, except to giggle when Landon would look over at me and grin that crazy, wide-mouthed grin! I'll save the tears for next year! For now, I'm enjoying his feats and accomplishments as my baby!

Almost Summer

It's finally warm enough to play in the water outside!!!! YEA! Just a pic and a blog about how much we are loving this in our house! Popsicles, sunscreen and water guns...just a few of the pleasures of summer living. Pink eye for Claire was thrown in the mix last weekend, but allowed one extra day on Monday for enjoying the sunshine!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A little action...

When we moved to Arkansas, I remember giving Geoff a hard time about tornadoes. We had many conversations that usually centered around Geoff saying Northwest Arkansas doesn't get tornadoes and me saying it only takes one and we don't have a basement! Needless to say, we've been lucky that the storms have not produced damaging tornadoes since we've lived here (the summer before we moved here there was one in Bentonville). We are truly blessed and hopefully will not encounter such an event (Truthfully, I miss that action...just a little. Hey I'm a Kansas girl!!!).

However, we seem to have a new menace in our backyard...Earthquakes!!!! The second in two months occurred last night around 7pm. I was giving the kids a bath and we had the music blaring when Geoff came back with a concerned look on his face. He asked me if I'd heard that big boom...which I had not. He said it shook him and he was concerned...even Maddie-dog was a little freaked! Geoff checked our AC, and the weather, but could not figure out the noise. Quickly, Facebook was teaming with posts about our 2.6 earthquake, whose epicenter was a short mile from our home. The sound Geoff had heard was the sonic boom that coincided with the earth moving! I did not feel either event, but nonetheless, it is a little frightening! Guess we will see a little action after all, although not the type we expected!

Pioneer Days

Claire's first grade class learned about the pioneer days this week. Quilting, farming and one-room school houses were all discussed. The week was to come to a climax Thursday when the class would take a field trip to a museum that recreated those school days way back then. The students were instructed to dress as kids would have back then and bring an appropriate school-day lunch. Sadly, the storm the night before blew out the windows of the museum, so the children were unable to go on their trip. However, they still played games, and had a picnic lunch. Claire was a little dramatic about having to wear a bonnet when Gram brought it last weekend, but was excited by the time field trip day came around! Thank you Gram for outfitting Claire perfectly!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just some other things...

Painted Lady Butterfly
Cheering for the Tigers

Claire received a butterfly pavilion for her birthday from Gram and Poppy. The caterpillars came in the mail and we watched their life cycle until they evolved into butterflies. We let them go into "the wild" after about a week. The kids thought it was cool the butterflies would sit in their hands before taking off across the yard. One landed in our petunias, and was watched carefully by Claire until it decided to fly away with her "friends". An interesting project for all!

The tee ball pictures are just random from the last game. Practice and games were rained out last week, so we are hoping this week we will get some made up! Landon is having a "ball"!

Recital 2010

Poppy and the grandkids.
Come Fly with Me
Rockin' Robin
Last Dance

It's hard to believe my dancing diva has been in 6 recitals already! Number 6 was just as good as the first 5. Claire performed her competition numbers the first night of recital. The second night she performed those plus her regular recital numbers. She did five total dances. She had to change costumes quickly, but it made the night go by fast for both us since I was a room mom again this year! She had lots of fun and did wonderful! Gram, Poppy, Sara and Miss Beth came to watch and then all came over to the house after to celebrate a job well done (Uncle Scott came over too). Landon put his two-cents in during the show by yelling "I love you Claire" before and after some of her numbers. Everyone backstage thought it is was darling! (Yes, you could hear it backstage!) The pictures are from rehearsal...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kinda Spring-y

Spring has officially sprung here at the Daniel house. We've planted some flowers, changed out the wardrobes, and started playing outside...alot! Landon is still playing tee ball: Practicing on Monday's and playing games on Saturday. Gymnastics will go all summer long, which is great since he loves it! Claire's dance recital is next week, but she will continue dancing during the summer also. Birthday parties, trips to the park and playdates have kept us busy besides. Here are some other things that have happened, or been said, recently:

* The kiddos gave me an early Mother's Day gift by putting on a program. Well, several programs! I say this because between each "act", I had to leave and then walk back in to be seated. They set up a chair in the garage and did various things, including jumping out of a cooler to yell "Happy Mother's Day! You rock!". There were also original songs, eating of ice cream, and fireworks. Now before you get concerned that I let my children play with fireworks in the garage, Landon's imagination developed fireworks by opening and closing an umbrella. Impressive!

* Claire: "Mom, you're gorgeous." Me: "Thanks baby!" Claire: "Do you think you could do your hair, though? It's NOT gorgeous."

*Landon: "Will I see God when I die?" Me: "Yes, honey...he'll be in heaven." Landon: "Do you think he will talk to me?" Me: "Probably..." Landon: "I think he'll tell me a joke. Miss Tina told me God has a sense of humor."