Monday, February 18, 2008

The Weekend Off

Our household has hosted friends and family, we've been to parties and movies, and so this weekend, we just relaxed. It poured rain most of the weekend, but this did not deter my husband from getting some "leisure" fun in. Geoff and Scott went to a boat show her in town (thank heavens Geoff only came home with a lawn mower). Okay, that probably doesn't make much sense, but it's better than a boat!!! The kids and I played and watched TV and caught up on some snuggle time. We also went out to eat with Scott, Beth and Sara to Shogun. It's always a hoot to go out with the Symons', and even better when there is entertainment with a meal! Geoff watched the race on Sunday, and although Jr. didn't win, he had a nice time getting reacquainted with his favorite pasttime. The kiddos are anxiously awaiting our trip to Kansas next weekend where we will visit all the family and hopefully get to see Uncky and Staci's and Hoopy, Ling and Lucy's new homes! Exciting stuff...glad it's not me!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs and Kisses to all on this "Hallmark" holiday to show your love and affection to friends and family. We've been busy for the past week celebrating Valentine's. Claire and I attended a Mother-Daughter Tea Saturday with some of our friends. We made valentine's, decorated cookies and had lunch and tea. It was lots of fun. We've had parties at school for both kiddos, and all of us attended another party today at another friend's house. Landon is not really "into" the whole thing, although he has enjoyed handing out valentines. Claire, on the other hand, has found the whole thing much like Christmas, for she has received candy, gifts and cards. We hope you've enjoyed this day and get a little romance out of the one you love!

Other interesting tidbits:

*We were driving to pick Claire up from school and out of the blue Landon says "Hey babe", addressing me. After my confusion, I laughed so hard I about had to pull over.

*Claire received a tutu from Gram for valentines. She has played with it a lot, and today, as we're getting dressed for dance: "I finally get to wear this for what it's made for...dancing" (very dramatic).

*I was changing Landon's diaper and as I pulled him up he looks me in the eye and says "Hang out with me, mama", and gets a toy and brings it over to me. Where is he getting these things!?!?!

And lastly...

Mommy and Daddy gave Claire the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CD for valentines. If you could hear her singing "I might even be a rock star" right now, it would cause joy to swell up in your heart. Even better Landon is singing back up, and I might need to get concerned that he's learning the words to these songs...might explain the above quotes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gram and Poppy Come to Visit

Gram and Poppy came for a visit this weekend. The kids were super excited...Claire was up before 6:30am the day of their arrival eagerly awaiting the ring of the door bell (this from my baby who sleeps in any chance she gets!). The crew stayed busy the whole time playing trains, Barbie's, marble run and Chutes and Ladders. We also were able to play outside, and Claire and Landon showed off their new skills of bike and scooter riding. Poppy helped fill the birdfeeder (he was the inspiration to get one) and played in the sandbox. Gram did some ball playing and High School Musical dance mat.

Saturday night, Gram and Poppy let Geoff and I go out on a "date", and took the kids to Doe's Eat Place (a steak joint with HUGE portions, the kids love it). I'm not sure who got the better deal on steak, because Geoff and I also had some at a Ruth's Chris Steak House. It was a lovely evening for us to catch up and relax. Gram and Poppy also had a good time entertaining the kids while waiting for their food, or maybe the kids were entertaining them...


There were teary good byes and attempted stowaways, but overall the weekend was lots of fun. Here are some other tidbits...

*"I miss you!" - Landon to Gram and Poppy while playing, it was darling.

*"We haven't played enough" - Claire to Gram when she realized they were leaving today.

*"I go Gram and Poppy's house" - Landon as they were leaving, and then after they left, and while he was taking his nap, and after he woke up, get the picture!

*"I'm going on a date" - Landon, with Geoff's dress shoes on after dinner.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Twinkle Toes

Claire had parent observation night at dance class last night. They are having lots of fun this year with their teacher, Miss Julie. She does a great job with 12 little dancing divas in the class! Claire is pretty good at the dancing part, but she doesn't always listen or watch what she should be doing (ie: socializing with her friends). It made this Mommy proud though, to see her doing her tap steps and stretching for ballet. Claire smiled the whole time and had a blast shakin' that booty. It's so much fun to see her having fun. Even if she decides later this isn't something she wants to do, at least I got to enjoy her dancing for a little while!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Wildcats!

The kiddos and I have enjoyed going to watch Sara cheer at ball games this year. Claire is "best friends" with all the girls, and comes home doing the cheers and trying to stunt on the furniture. Landon likes watching Sara, too, but also gets into the action of the game (especially football). Sara's squad also went to competition a couple weekends ago and did awesome, we were as proud as her parents! The kiddos are in love with Sara, and Claire strives to be her in every way. It's good with mom and dad, because Sara is a great girl!! I finally got a pic of the three of them to remember our times at the games. We love you Sara...Go Cats!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


What a game! We spent the evening with our friends/neighbors Scott, Beth & Sara. The plan had been to have a "low" key gathering, but Ms. Beth had much bigger plans. We arrive to a Chick-Fil-a platter of nuggets, pizza, homemade hoagie, and more. It was an absolute blast. Scott and I have determined that "Bud Light" had the best commericals, and therfore we supported them through the entire game. Gotta love the COLD BEER!

Meggan and Beth spent the evening catching up and watching the game on the "smaller"
TV! Claire and Landon had a blast playing with their dog Rocky and playing with some of Sara's old toys.

Our families spend a lot of time together these days enjoying everything from a quick meal, party, and yes....GUITAR HERO. Scott and I spend a lot of time practicing our ZZ Top "LaGrange" song, but it is Sara who has become the superstar rockstar and she has no issue telling "Uncle Geoff" she can out rock him.

Great time with Great friends!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Friendly Visit

Our friends from Wichita, the Shurtz family, came to visit us this weekend. We all had a BLAST! Geoff and I miss visiting with Dan and Serena, and the kiddos all miss playing with each other, especially Claire and Jackson. Jackson is Claire's age, and they have pretty much grown up together and were betroathed by the tender age of 6 months. Maddox is Landon's age, and loved playing trains with Landon. The littlest, Ava, is a princess in her own right and the happiest baby I've ever spent time with (not to mention darn cute!!).

Amidst talk of love and marriage (Claire and Jackson), our families enjoyed Chuck E. Cheese together, walking around the mall and playing outside. Some steak was grilled, snacks were dished out and guitar hero was played also. Claire adored Baby Ava, and questioned Serena about her needs, and offered to hold her every chance she got. She'll be a superb mom in 30 years! Claire and Jackson enjoyed watching a couple movies, making crafts and doing Build-a-Bear's together. Maddox and Landon had fun, too, although they were usually trying to keep up with bigger siblings.

Overall, it was a fun weekend for friendship rekindling and catching up. The kiddos will be in mourning for several days after losing their play buddies, and then we'll start planning the next trip! Thanks for a great time Shurtz family!!