Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gram and Poppy Time

The kids and I spent several days in Kansas with Gram and Poppy. We of course stayed very busy!  I'll let the pictures tell the story for this trip. 
Poppy and Gram bought a BB gun and a bow and arrows for the kids. Both of them enjoyed aiming for the target, and became quite good at it too. Unkie got in on the fun later in the weekend with Landon. 
Of course we did some fishing!  Like Landon's hat?  It was his first thrift shop buy. 
Twilight on the pond.  Gram and Landon accomplished a feat never before seen; they both caught the same fish at the same time!  
We visited the Rolling Hills zoo and museum. The museum had life-size animals from different regions. It was quite impressive!
There were also penguins at the zoo!  And not just these two cuties!
We went to the county fair too. Watched some sheep, rode some rides and the kids enjoyed their first rodeo...in the rain. They didn't care, they had new cowboy hats to keep them dry!
The cousins came out to visit too. The kids played in the pool among other things. Love this pic!

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